Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages, Quotes, SMS for Husband With Images Collection

416. I wished to make a small, little family with someone who would make me feel the world to me. I owe you for that and today and forever I am yours. Happy birthday hero.

417. I never believed in love until you came in my life. So, for making me believe in love and loving me so much, thank you husband. I will continue to shower the affection you have poured on me as always. Happy birthday to you sweet heart.

418. The cream on your nose looks so sweet but not as sweet as your mesmerizing smile. Happy birthday to the cutest husband.

419. I am glad that I married you. So, I am glad to be celebrating this wonderful day by your side. I love you and happy birthday dear husband. Always stay blessed.

Birthday Wishing Messages for Husband from Wife in English Language

420. Ever since I first saw you, I believed that I wouldn’t have made it to have a conversation with you. But look, we are here now. Thanks for making me feel so special even if I am not. Happy birthday honey and I always love you.

421. Nothing in life has been as significant as you. It has been tough at times to spend awesome time but yes we have carried our relationship in a very sophisticated manner. Happy birthday to most understanding and at times irritating husband. I love you so so much.

422. You are good the way you are because there’s nobody the way you are. Sometimes I envy you but it is ok because I know you are mine and cheers to the birthday of this sweet and sexy man. Happy birthday dear.

423. The way we met is still unbelievable. The way you and I carried on is still spell binding. Happy birthday love and hope our journey continues to be as good as in the past.

Birthday Wishing Messages for Husband from Wife in English Language

424. Each year celebrating your birthday is the best thing I do. I love to make the one happy who makes me feel like everything in the entire 365 days. Happy birthday husband.

425. We have many people in our lives. We have different impressions regarding them. Some are good and some are bad. I always count you as the positivity spreading center husband. You are damn awesome, in terms of everything. Happy birthday. Stay awesome.

426. Like the wine becomes better after time, you are just heading towards more elegance every year. The only thing I can ask from God is nothing. Stay the way you are husband. It’s your day because it’s your birthday. Let’s enjoy it to the fullest.

427. Your birthday marks one more year that we have spent together. I hope we spend such a beautiful time lifelong and if not lifelong until our last breath. It’s your day today baby. Enjoy it to the fullest. Happy birthday once more.

428. I usually don’t believe in next life but if ever it happens, then I would pray and keep on praying to give me no one except you as my life partner. I know it’s our bond that will remain forever; our love that will be sustainable and even God can’t break it. Happy birthday sweetie.

Bday Wishing Messages for Husband from Wife in English Language

429. What more happiness can I get? Here’s wishing to the best man in the world who stands by my side at all times and fights others for me even if I am wrong. The trust that you have on me will never go down. I love you and enjoy your birthday to the fullest.

430. Ok! So, it’s your birthday. Recalling our first meeting; those fights and those arguments, I never thought we would even start a conversation after then. But, here we are ready to tackle our future encounters as well. Stay the same hero and on your birthday I would like to pray your long life and health.

431. You know best things in life are free. But, the valuable things are not. Whatever adjective I put, it can’t describe you. So, simply happy birthday to you young man; oh sorry, a year old man.

432. We never plan adventures. Our togetherness was actually an adventure that I didn’t and perhaps you also didn’t plan for. But look at us today. Happy birthday sweet heart.

Birthday Wishing Messages for Husband from Wife in English Language

433. I always dreamt of a Romeo, a Majnu, a Ranjha but I never thought that I would get it in the form of you. I hope at the end of our lives, we also account to such beautiful lovers; after all we are no less. Happy birthday to the love of my life.

434. From a stranger to a fine friend; then to a best friend, then a boyfriend, a fiancée and now a husband. We have portrayed a typical love-life movie with us as the main characters. I hope this will be a blockbuster. Happy birthday my heart.

435. I never loved you to be honest. I always felt our love. Honestly, we love what we like and our likes may change. So yes, ever since I fell in love with you life’s changed on a positive note. What better way to express the love than your birth day. Happy birthday sweetie.

436. You are in my feel, you are at nights, you are in my emotions, and you are everywhere. You are the one and you are imperfectly perfect for me. So, here’s wishing the extremely talented and handsome man a very happy birthday.

437. Our love is an arithmetic sequence with a positive common difference. It is always growing stronger. The positivity you bring to our lives is just inexpressible. So, to this awesome man, a very happy birthday to you. May you prosper and enhance to infinity.

Birthday Wishing Messages for Husband from Wife in English Language

438. Though our life has been a simple harmonic motion. Sometimes, we have been accelerating more and sometimes there’s minimum velocity. But the thing that’s constant is you and me together. So, on a special note, happy birthday my partner. You are adorable.

439. You are inexpressible in words and words won’t be a good media to write what I feel for you. I will keep it simple. You are my world. Happy birthday to my world.

440. I have always you wished for. You have been an amazing husband and en epitome of a life partner. I wish we remain together with the same emotions and let’s enjoy today’s day to maximum. Happy birthday my dear husband.

441. On today’s auspicious occasion, I wish for your good health and prosperity in life. You are very important to me and the way you handle such a big ass is commendable. Happy birthday dear.

442. I wish that I could be the greatest friend in the world, but there is no way to be a better friend than you are. Happy Birthday dear husband.

443. You don’t know how special you are to me and I can’t even explain. I am in love with you for the past 20 tried to become an ideal wife year and heading towards a century. On this 34th birthday of yours, I would like to express my gratitude. Happy birthday honey.

Birthday Wishing Messages for Husband from Wife in English Language

444. I am so happy you were born today. It’s because of this day that you came into my life. So, let’s make this night a very special one. Happy birthday to you sweetie. Cheers.

445. Not even in my dreams, I can imagine a day without you. No one literally can replace you. You have a very special place in my heart. Happy birthday to you handsome.

446. You cute little hug, your kiss, your time and every little thing you do always bring a glimpse of a smile on my face. So, today I want to do the same. I know I can’t be as good as you, but still happy birthday to you, my husband.

447. Wishes do come true. I realized this when I came to your life and when you did to mine. Happy birthday to the dream of my life. I always pinch myself to assure that you and I actually together spending our beautiful voyage of life. A very happy birthday dear.

448. You are very irritating, yet your acts are cute. So, You are too stubborn but you stubbornness always wins my heart. You are innocent which makes my belief even stronger for you. Yes, You are the mixed packet of positive attributes and to this all-rounder, a very happy birthday.

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449. Let’s spend some more romantic time together because I like having you near me. On a very serious note, I have had a heart surgery done because you occupied much of my heart space. Happy birthday to you. Hope you enjoy.

450. You spent all your money on my birthday. So, currently, our bank balance is nil. Sorry about that. Let’s celebrate this simple birthday on a grand note. Let’s give ourselves the time we always wanted. Happy birthday my love.

Husband and wife relation should always grow, especially in today’s world where it has been seen exactly opposite to what it should have been. The thing that a husband does and what a wife can do to keep the husband happy is much similar. Same goes with the birthday wishes. Hope these birthday wishes can prove to be a bridge between your love and a strong bridge indeed.

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