Funny Birthday Wishes, SMS, Quotes & Messages Collection – You Can’t Stop Your Laughing

351) There is a happy husband. Whose husband he is. The investigation is underway. Happy birthday.

352) I could not tell by shame. Your last best wishes did not do any good to me. This time send some cash. Let’s see what happens. Happy birthday.

353) I distrusted your friendship today when you said let’s go and study. Happy birthday.

354) For a happy married life. Always think yourself as a lion. Think wife as a ringmaster. Happy birthday.

355) If you’re an ass,for the sake of our friendship I would have fed you grass. Happy birthday.

356) I would have called you moon but it has stains. I would have called you sun but it has fire. I would have called you monkey but it has mind. Happy birthday.

357) I don’t know who is spreading the rumors. Swine flu is spreading by your fart. Happy birthday.

358) Friendsometimes we leave a good chance. But do not miss this opportunity in life again. Take from the girl, or take from the woman. You won’t know when anybody’s prayer would work for you. Happy birthday.

359) Can you me what season is this? It’s raining. I am sleeping under quilt. AC is also on. Mosquitoes are also biting. What the hell. Happy birthday anyway.

360) Chocolates are more sweet than humans. But some humans are sweeter than chocolate. Like you must have seen me. Happy birthday.

361) The biggest magic happens in beauty parlour. One goes in other comes out. Happy birthday.

362) If you lose your bread with your hands. Then the bread will fall from the same side on which the butter is placed. Happy birthday.

363) When your hands are completely covered with grease or flour, then your nose will start itching. Happy birthday.

364) Whenever you dial the wrong number. You’ll find that it will always ring. Happy birthday.

365) Whenever you post a message in the wrong group in WhatsApp. The net will be much faster. Happy birthday.

366) If you see a crowd in a line and move to another line. That line will start moving at a fast pace, in which you were standing first. Happy birthday.

367) I have made such a sweet friendship with you. Now there’s no wish for me remained to be fufilled. May God forgive me after telling so many lies. Happy birthday.

368) I promise you I won’t make any new friends after your coming to my life. Whoever friends there were I’ll never contact them. Just there’s one request. Send me the balance in my mobile after reading this message. Happy birthday.

369) May your love will be auspicious. Your destiny will become a yoke.May the one youare trying to bewith become the aunt of your children. Happy birthday.

370) I will leave the world for your friendship.I will turn every storm away from you.But I swear I will break every bones of yours if you ever try to leave me. Happy birthday.

371) Some people will cry some will laugh. But happy people will always have two drinks every night. Happy birthday.

372) Live your life with joy and peace. Pay attention to your education and career. Leave your girlfriends to me. Happy birthday.

373) I am driving crazy to glhear some words form you. If you can’t say anything just say some rubbish. Happy birthday.

374) We don’t know what’s going to happen next. So laugh with me. Talk with me. Don’t know when your teeth will break. Happy birthday.

375) I heard a lot about you. I heard a alot about your friendship. I also heard there’s a lot of expenses. So let’s forget what I have heard. Happy birthday.

376) Someday look carefully in the mirror. You yourself will laugh out loudly saying made in China. Happy birthday.

377) I don’t have any hope in life. I don’t want any love in life. I just want a friend in life who can make his girlfriend kiss me on the cheek. Happy birthday.

378) I will tell the ocean to hold it’s waves. Your in-laws are enough to bring storms in your life. Happy birthday.

379) Why you’re silent my friend. My heart goes in despair when you don’t talk shit. Happy birthday.

380) I will always be in your friendship. I will always be there to hold your hands in any sadness and sorrow. But when death comes you will go first. Happy birthday.

381) Poor man we are. When born all congratulations and wishes go to mother. When got married all praises go to bride. When dies all the insured money goes to wife. Happy birthday.

382) My friend money can buy you bed not sleep. Money can buy you food not hunger. So transfer all your money to me and you take retirement. Happy birthday.

383) You laugh,keep smiling and dancing. I don’t care. People will think you are crazy. Happy birthday.

384) People say when you remember good people your time will also pass in a positive way. So I thought to remind you of myself. Happy birthday

385) Why do sensible people always say they are busy. Just think I am busy right now. Happy birthday.

386) One thing that everyone like about you is you do everything with your heart. What to do you don’t have brain. Happy birthday.

387) May I have friends like you. May I have your heart as pure as gold. I don’t know why people keep telling me these stuff. Happy birthday.

388) Smile because you are lovely. Laugh because this is a joke. Happy birthday.

389) You can convince anyone with your wisdom, your ability and your beauty. If there is no effect from this then tell them that you are my friend. Happy birthday.

390) If people call you badand mad, do not mind. If people say you are sensible, handsome then just slap them. There is also the limit of joke. Happy birthday.

391) Buddy today was very lousy. Speaking of lousy how are you my friend. Happy birthday.

392) A question for the smart people. Hey I have written smart people. Then what are you looking for? Happy birthday.

393) I will not tell about my helplessness to any madman. I have written here s why are you still reading. Happy birthday.

394) When you do not see any way in life. When you don’t see any one to lean on. Just tirn on your porch on your mobile. Happy birthday.

395) Wake up early in the morning. Take a bath and stand in front of God. Ask God with a sincere heart. When he was giving mind to people where was I. Happy birthday.

396) If anyone has complain with my message. Just break your mobile. There is nothing more to me than your happiness . Happy birthday.

397) If you can not make her yours whom you love. Shame on you. Give me her number. I will try. Happy birthday.

398) Notification for all the idiots… You are reading like this is for you. Happy birthday.

399) I put one rupee in the donation box and asked for a good friend. Then God send you to me. Said with one rupee I can get only you. Happy birthday.

400) God has created you in leisure. Of course he did. Worthless work is done in leisure. Happy birthday.

Author: Sudip Dhakal, Ankur Pradhan, Hari Adhikari

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