Funny Birthday Wishes, SMS, Quotes & Messages Collection – You Can’t Stop Your Laughing

301) Earningsin which neither you can live nor can be lived without. Happy birthday.

302) Politician is a man who gathers wealth from the rich and votes from the poor on this promise that he will protect one another from others. Happy birthday.

303) Optimistis the person who burns his match before demanding for a cigarette. Happy birthday.

304) The new dress for the woman is as much addicted as the man who drinks a whole bottle of whiskey. Happy birthday.

305) Psychologististhe person who looks at everyone except the beautiful girl in the room. Happy birthday.

306) Second marriageis the triumph of hope over the experience. Happy birthday.

307) Diplomatis the one who remembers the birthday of a woman but never her age. Happy birthday.

308) The second name of the mistakes made in the past is the experience my man. Happy birthday.

309) Opportunist is a person who when accidentally falls into the river start taking a bath. Happy birthday.

310) Miser who lives in poverty so that he can die in the richness. Happy birthday.

311) Criminal is just like the rest of the world, except that he got caught. Happy birthday.

312) Lecturesare the way to move information in which the diary notes of the lecturer are reached in the student’s diary without any mind. Happy birthday.

313) Compromising is an act to share something in which every person understands that he got a bigger share. Happy birthday.

314) Some things need to be negative in life. Such as swine flu and AIDS test. Happy birthday.

315) After years of marriage, if wife suspects you.Donot be angry but think you still are so much handsomeyou can woo any girl. Happy birthday.

316) Not everything can be bad in life. When there is a girl on your bike you get to like the traffic jam as well. Happy birthday.

317) Men can find year woman hot. But girls find year man as their uncle. Happy birthday.

318) Economic downturn has so much spready friend that I have started living my wife again. Happy birthday.

319) If it has to come it will come by itself. Sitting in the toilet for hours is the waste of time. Happy birthday.

320) It is said that behind every successful man there’s a woman. If you want to be more successful then increase the number of women. Happy birthday.

321) Sister’s friend is a sister. Brother’s friend isbrother. Then why not wife’s friend is a wife. Happy birthday.

322) If men will be men then girls will be aunties. Happy birthday.

323) In the cold getting out of the quilt to urinate is not less than any dangerous stunt. Happy birthday.

324) Despite your magnetic personality if girls are not attracted towards you. Then girls have iron deficiency. Happy birthday.

325) Studies and gym always start with tomorrow. Cigarettes and alcohol are also left tomorrow. Happy birthday.

326) Love is exactly like a game of chess. One wrong move and straight marriage. Happy birthday.

327) Do not ever comment on girl’s photo, or you will get notifications for three months. Happy birthday.

328) When there’s no trust in a relationship and no internet in smart phones then people start playing games. Happy birthday.

329) The big two lies: Your call is important to us, please stay on the line. The order for investigation has been given strict action will be taken. Happy birthday.

330) Marriage is a beautiful forest where the ‘brave lions’ are hunted by ‘deer’. Happy birthday.

331) True friends are those who abuses you before giving any help. Happy birthday.

332) When the quality of two persons match they get married. When the faults of two persons match they become friends. Happy birthday.

333) Love can be blind but the marriage opens the eyes. Happy birthday.

334) When a man is asked whether he prefers love marriage or arrange. It’s the same thing of asking him whether he wants to commit suicide or to be murdered. Happy birthday.

335) A good friend bails you out from jail. Atrue friend goes to jail with you. Happy birthday.

336) Necessity is the mother of invention.But girlfriend is the mother of Necessity. Happy birthday.

337) Everyone wants to take money and applause, no one wants to give it. Happy birthday.

338) When we are twenty. We think what we’ll do after forty.When we are sixty. We think what we’ll do after breakfast. Happy birthday.

339) Today is the first day of your remaining life. Happy birthday.

340) Time is the greatest teacher, but it does not leave any of his disciples alive. Happy birthday.

341) Everyone wants long life. But no one wants to be old. Happy birthday.

342) Three men can conceal a secret. If two of them die. Happy birthday.

343) Marriage is a mistake of youthwhich we all should do. Happy birthday.

344) The job is done for two things – salaries and holidays. Happy birthday.

345) Because the speed of light is faster than the sound. People appear to be more beautiful until you hear them speaking. Happy birthday.

346) When a beautiful girl happily sit on your adjacent seat. Then understand you no longer young. Happy birthday.

347) Nowadays a relationship ends not due to ling distances. But due to G internet. Happy birthday.

348) Life and death is in the hands of God.Man has only smart phones and remote in his hands. Happy birthday.

349) To live a happy life love your woman a lot. But don’t try to understand her. Happy birthday.

350) Research has shown that our future generations won’t be able to see tigers. What do we do. We also haven’t seen dinosaurs. Happy birthday.

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