Funny Birthday Wishes, SMS, Quotes & Messages Collection – You Can’t Stop Your Laughing

251) TV in the hands of the blind. Radio in the hands of the deaf. Microphone in the dumb’s hands. And mobile in your hands. Wom what has happened to the world. Happy birthday.

252) Drink as much water as you like today. Drink syrup, juice, cola, whiskey, vodka, rum.Because there are two diapers free with every diaper pack today. Happy birthday.

253) When I crave for your voice I put on the ragged CD. When I crave for your face I put on the cartoon Network. Happy birthday.

254) In this joyous occasion my friend I can write your name on mylifelong happiness.Just ask me my friend I can write your name on myindebt property as well. Happy birthday.

255) I will converse with you dear friend the way you like. I don’t waste my timediscussing with crazy people. Happy birthday.

256) I think when God was makingyou he was in a hurry. He also panicked when he saw you. Happy birthday.

257) Married man has no religion my friend. He goes to Temple and mosque also. Happy birthday.

258) Sometimes I think what did I get when I made friends with you. So tell me how did you manage to make a girlfriend so hot.Happy birthday.

259) A friend who lends money is a fool. And a friend who returns the money is a bloody fool. Happy birthday.

260) What to tell you about my sorrow my friend. I am nervous and embarrassed from the moment I’ve met you. Happy birthday.

261) Some asses escaped from the house of God. Some of them are caught. Some became my friends. Happy birthday.

262) I will vow for this friendship with my heart and soul. It you don’t like it just tell me. I will slap you uncountable times. Happy birthday.

263) When there’s dark clouds in the sky I remember you. When there’s a rain I remember you. When I get wet I remember you. Now return my damn umbrella bro. Happy birthday.

264) My dear friend I will sacrifice my happiness for you. I will sacrifice my laughs and life for you. If I get a chance with your girlfriend I will sacrificemy friendship with you. Happy birthday.

265) May there will never be any sadness in your life. May there be no tears in your eyes. May you get the life partner so beautiful who weighs not less than kg. Happy birthday.

266) Hey buddy do remember me sometimes. Do shed sometears for me sometimes. Do sometimes pay my bills for mobile. Happy birthday.

267) Todayyour face is blossoming. You look like you took bath after weeks. Happy birthday.

268) Smile when you’re feeling sad. Take a bath when itching doesn’t subsides even after seven days. Happy birthday.

269) Always remember my friend. You’ll meet lots of people to wipe your tears. But you’ll never meet the one who will wipe your nose. So always put the hanky in your pocket. Happy birthday.

270) You’ll always get the pain on the way of love. Open the medical store on that way. You will be rich one day. Happy birthday.

271) You never know what will happen tomorrow. So whenever you meet me do treat me with samosa or Momo’s. Happy birthday.

272) I always hope to meet you one day my friend. So I always keep one tablet of disprine with me. Happy birthday.

273) When joy came you forget the sorrows. When sun rise you forget the moon. When my sms didn’t came you forget my friendship. Hmmmm. Happy birthday.

274) Our friendship is deep my brother. So it’s my duty to tell you winter is coming. Don’t take bath everyday. Happy birthday.

275) There are other ways of ruining you. Why did Mark Zuckerberg invented Facebook. Happy birthday.

276) Your style and your pretences are amazingly stylish. Your way of talking is disgusting and still you have smart phone. Amazing. Happy birthday.

277) Your friendship has made me like a government office. Neither I can work now I can listen. Happy birthday.

278) Do something good and do it with hard labor. You can’t avoid all things by always saying all is well. Happy birthday.

279) Each of your messages generates tickling in my hair follicles. Whenever I readyour SMS my heart beats loudly. It’s not your fault that my mobile is in vibration mode. Happy birthday.

280) Whenever I see you my heart beats louder. Don’t know when you’ll ask for loan. Happy birthday.

281) I am not worthy of any compliments dear friend. Everything is yours. There’s just a lack of horn and a tail. Happy birthday.

282) I was thinking of sending you sms from everyturns. But damn the whole roadwas straight. Happy birthday.

283) You have forgotten me or trying to forget. You have already tried me or still trying me. You have send the message or still saving the money. Happy birthday.

284) Without fragrance flower is waste. Without moonlight the moon is waste. Without my message your mobile is waste. Happy birthday.

285) How good you are. How beautiful you are. How truthful you are. Is it enough or should I tell you more lies. Happy birthday.

286) I don’t know why I remember you the most when any monkey is around. Happy birthday.

287) Do not give sorrow to my friend dear lord. Give me a mountain of happiness. Please give my friend a new mountain bike to ride on. Though you give me old BMW car to ride on. Happy birthday.

288) Do not miss me dar friend a lot. Bury me with my mobile. If there’s a network I’ll send you SMS from the grave also. Happy birthday.

289) I don’t know why your read any messages I send you. Are you crazy friend. Happy birthday.

290) It’s good that mynot every dream comes true. Else my friend would have in great trouble calling every girls sister in law. Happy birthday.

291) In ancient times those who sacrifice their sleep, food, laughter, family and other worldly pleasures were called saints. Nowadays they are called IT Professional. Happy birthday.

292) You are the person whom nobodylistens but you still keep talking. Happy birthday.

293) Idealhusband is the one who brooms,wipes,cook,clean.In shortthe one who helps the house maid in doing allthe work. Happy birthday.

294) Swearing are the words that came out of the mouth at the time of the wrath.After which the person’s heart experiences peace. Happy birthday.

295) Psychotherapist is the one who asks you questions like like your wife keeps asking you. And charge heavy fees. Happy birthday.

296) Opinion which is more enjoyable when given to others. Happy birthday.

297) Joking is somethingto do to do nothing. Happy birthday.

298) Political Leader isthee person who is always ready to sacrifice your life for his country. Happy birthday.

299) Neighboris the nobility that understands your affairs more than you. Happy birthday.

300) Marriageis the way to know how your wife likesher husband. Happy birthday.

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