Funny Birthday Wishes, SMS, Quotes & Messages Collection – You Can’t Stop Your Laughing

201) The Ultimate Truthdear friend is that no matter how much you drink mountain dew fear is only removed by alcohol. Happy birthday dear friend.

202) May youalways be happy my friend.May one day your girlfriend become your sister in law. Happy birthday.

203) The husband who fears their wife, they go to heaven.Those who are not afraid, the earth is like heaven in itself. Happy birthday.

204) If you think that the behavior of your parents, teacher or boss is too strict andrough towards you.Get married. One day you will start loving all these people. Happy birthday.

205) Girlfriends are made not by gallery my friend but bysalary. Happy birthday.

206) Never keep any complaints in your heart, it can beinjurious to your health. Happy birthday.

207) Every time a good friend should be persuaded when they get angry cause they know all our secrets. Happy birthday.

208) You have two choices. Either youremain bachelor and keep thinking about marriage or get married and keep thinking about the death. Happy birthday.

209) People say that my choice is bad but still I like you. Happy birthday.

210) It is very difficult to find true friends. I am surprised how you people have found me. Happy birthday.

211) Ifyou can benefit from the enemy then make him your friend. Happy birthday my friend.

212) The principle of my friendship is simple.No Drama No Excuse No Sorry No Thanks. My life is present for you. Whether to give you or not is different thing. Happy birthday.

213) The friends are those who come and eat unnecessarily.Empty the pocketsand sometimes persevere but always be together. Happy birthday.

214) This is just the principle of my friendship. When I accept you I accept you with all your weaknesses, money, house and property. Happy birthday.

215) Even though I have less friends. But though they are less they are all dangerous than nuclear bombs. Happy birthday.

216) We have such friendship that if I die may I find you near my grave. Happy birthday.

217) I changed daily in the temple. I admire the mosque. Because I do so much good I make asin everyday by SMSing you. Happy birthday.

218) The light of your friendship is such that it is bright everywhere. I amthinking of the cutting electricity of the house, nowadays the bill comes a lot. Happy birthday.

219) Three types of people are lucky in the world. One who gets true love. Second who gets good luck, and third those who receive my SMS frequently. Your the most lucky one. Happy birthday.

220) When God created you, the moment of Confusion came. He wanted to make a donkey then a monkey. Finally he liked the mix of both so created you. Happy birthday.

221) All of you friends are my life … and … and … and … damn on such a life. Happy birthday.

222) I was tired of friends, I was happy when I was buried. In the grave I was happy for only a few months, when friends started coming here in grave as well. Happy birthday.

223) Do not think of yourself alone, there are thousands of crazy people like you. Happy birthday.

224) If you want to achieve your goal then keep up with courage.Ifyou want to always smile, then keep brush-paste together. Happy birthday.

225) I can’t see the exhibition of your broken love. I can’t see your empty inbox. Wait I’ll give you half my SMS. Happy birthday.

226) Why are you digging your grave by yourself dear friend. Give me shovel. I’ll dig it for you. Happy birthday.

227) Don’t flirt with beautiful girls friend. They hit you with their eyes and beauty. I have seen your girlfriend’s eyes. She was hitting me too. Happy birthday.

228) The path of the life is very long my friend. Let’s walk now for a bit. Later we will take a taxi. Happy birthday.

229) Don’t ever fall in love dear friend. They torment you very much. You recharged their balance but she calls me. Happy birthday.

230) The person who fears the world is called coward. The person who fears his wife is called husband. Happy birthday.

231) There’s no beautiful thing more than flowers. There is no depth more than sea. Ne what do I say about you. Nbody is undignified more than you. Happy birthday.

232) What do you know my friendhow much I remember you. Believe it or not I always write letters to cartoonNetworkin the hope of seeing you more. Happy birthday.

233) Seeing from distance it was orange. When I went near it was orange. When I peeled it it was orange. When I ate it again it was orange. What an orange. Happy birthday.

234) Dark road deserted graveyard. Lone house dark sky. It’s night time now go to sleep you devil. Happy birthday.

235) When I see you my soul becomes happy. The holeI have nowis filled. Who says the breed of dinosaurs had ended when you are here still. Happy birthday.

236) In this auspicious occasion man ask for the moon I’ll give it to you. Ask for my heart I’ll give it to you. Ask for my life…. Stop itput limit to your demand. Happy birthday.

237) If you are crazy then you will call as you read this sms.If you are stupid then will reply with the SMS.If you are stingy then you will remain silent. Happy birthday.

238) What an oddman you aremy friend. How close you are to myheart.You neither meet nor send sms. Are you too poor than me. Happy birthday.

239) As youwake up in the morning definitelygo two things. First worship God so that you can live. Second take bath so that everyone can live. Happy birthday.

240) You have exhausted the hope my friend. How can I send you new sms everyday. What I have put the factory ofthe sms. Happy birthday.

241) I wish for the stain of the chicken pox on your face. You are obviously the moon. Then the stars will also be with you. Happy birthday.

242) When I saw you I thought new arrival has come in the stock of craziness. Happy birthday.

243) After my death do not shed your tears my friend. Ifyou miss me a lot, then come straight up to me. Happy birthday.

244) Though we are far you will always be in my memories. When you breath over there your stench comes over here. Happy birthday.

245) I would have done everything for you, but I had to work. I would have drowned for you, but I had cold. Happy birthday.

246) Fresh air has blown bringing the fragrance of yours. Then the thought came to me. Again you have not bathed today. Happy birthday.

247) Someone does in a day, someone does it in the night.Sometimes it takes half an hour, sometimes it takes two hours. Whatyou filthy mind. Mobile charging. Happy birthday.

248) I want to see you and meet you. But people don’t let me meet you. They say that the zoo is closed come tomorrow. Happy birthday.

249) I will leave food home family for you. Hey buddy. Is it enough or should I tell you two or four more lies. Happy birthday.

250) Keep my place in your heart, not in the mind.It can be dangerous to keep me in the mind. BecauseI am mind blowing. Happy birthday.

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