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151. Keep in mind when you were child and you thought somebody turning 30 was so old? Well, now is your turn. Some child somewhere sees dangerous person in you! Happy 30th Birthday, my friend!!!

152. Happy birthday, my dearest companion. Please be informed that effective today, your 20s are gone for eternity. Happy 30th birthday. Have a grand celebration. May your achievements be greater than Donald Trump’s ego.

Funny Birthday wishes & Messages

153. At your age Mark Zuckerberg was raking up billions of dollars. I trust you aren’t feeling awful about yourself if you aren’t making billions. Consider it along these ways: At least you are raking old age, which is superior to raking nothing by any means. Happy 30th Birthday, dear!

154. I can’t trust you are 40 as of now! I swear if old age had a face, I would punch it so hard to do this to you. Glad birthday buddy! I can wager everything that you never in your most out of this world dreams trusted that you’d turn 40 so rapidly.

155. Try not to stress over getting more established today. Take a look at the brighter side of life and breathe easy in light of the way that you are one of the most youthful 40-year-olds on the planet. Enjoy every moments of your 40s .

Funny Birthday wishes & Messages

156. As one more year to imagine that we have a wiser companion. The main guidance for you is to be little mature. Wishing you an extremely happy birthday young lady. Sending you your birthday gift. Hope you like it.

157. Happy 40th birthday celebration, companion. I trust you’re not intending to blow off candles today, or we will require a trailer load of candles to represent to your age.

158. Today, it is with much regret that I inform you that that your thirties have recently expired. Try to enjoy your 40s however much as could reasonably be expected. Wishing you Happy birthday.

159. I needed to compose something great words for you. However, trust me, my paper was blank truly. No stresses, hope for the best one year from now. Wishing you Happy Birthday!!! Have a grand celebration…

160. Prior I wished that your entire wish comes true this year. At that point I imagined that if your all dreams come true this year. At that point there will be no dream left for Next year. It’s your day; celebrate it in your way. Take out time and enjoy the day. Don’t waste it. Wishing you Happy Birthday!!

Funny Birthday wishes & Messages

161. This is your special day. Enjoy it with a smile in face and influence it to recollect all the memories. Since once it was gone it will come after one year. Try not to stress over your home. Love you my old friend.

162. Another year has passed and another year which didn’t suck. Wishing you Happy Birthday. Have you checked the number of candles on your birthday cake? You need to blow the all candles by sniffing. Hahaha. Happy Birthday, Candle King!

163. Blow all the flame quickly before the room bursts into flames. This enormous amount of candle on the cake makes the room hotter. Happy Birthday cutie!! I made an extraordinary cake for your Birthday. But, I can’t put Candles on it. If i place, I need to call Fire department promptly to extinguish this huge firehouse.

164. This SMS is fee from additional fat, cholesterol, and added substances. It is absolutely natural, yet it is full of sugar. This SMS is sweeter than the person reading it. wishing you Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

funny birthday wishes for friends

165. Did you remember that happy, amusing, brilliant day of young age? It generally feels great when you can recall those recollections. Wish you a Happy Birthday. I brought an astonishing present for you this year… “A Cane”.

166. On your Birthday I have a special wish. smile while all your teeth are present! Congratulations! You get a magnificent feeling when your loved one wishes you the way in which you need on your Birthday. Happy humorous Birthday, dude.

167. Hello man! Your birthday candles don’t fit effectively on the birthday cake. Try not to be a miser and make sure to arrange a major birthday cake on your next birthday. Lol. May you achieve more ladders of progress, my friend.

168. On your birthday, a couple of insightful words: smile while you still have teeth. Wishing you Happy Birthday! When the candles on your cake are costlier than the cake itself then you came to realize that you are getting older.

169. What an incredible presence! What an exceptional intelligence! What charm, and what wonderful eyes! But, enough about me. Wishing you very Happy Birthday!

funny birthday wishes for friends

170. Happy Birthday, my friend. I’m feeling nostalgic, so let’s relieve our “radiance days” go out and dispense additionally harm to our livers, will we? We’re still young aren’t we, my buddy? Presently, get your orthopedic shoes on and let’s dance!

171. It’s better to live a life that is short, yet memorable than to live for a thousand years. However, the way in which your life has been advancing, you appear to go for both! Happy birthday my companion!

172. They say that the older you get, the more intelligent you move toward becoming. However, despite everything we continue doing the same stupid things we were doing as kids. So I figure we are the exception to that rule. Wishing you a very Happy birthday, buddy!

173. In this short lifespan we have, time runs out quicker than a birthday cake on a treat lovers birthday. So, you need to make sure to enjoy whatever little there is of it cleared out! Wishing you a very Happy birthday!

174. Try not to consider the reality you are getting old an awful thing. That is to say, how many people have you met that can whip you with their own walking stick if you insult them? If anything, you’re only cooler than ever before! Wishing you a very Happy birthday!

funny birthday wishes for friends

175. I guarantee not to tell anybody how old you are this year. Since we grew up together, doing that would give away my age, as well. happy Birthday, Bestie! This year how about we focus on losing 20 pounds — AFTER the cake, obviously!

176. You appear to be unique. Did you lose some weight? Did you change your hair cutting? Did you get a hairstyle? There is something other than what’s expected about you. Oh, I know. You are one year older! Happy Birthday!!!

177. I have been searching everywhere for a good gift yet I discovered nothing appropriate for somebody as extraordinary as you, so accept a decent idea and my all best wishes, accompanied by a sincere “Happy Birthday!”

178. Celebrate, or simply set aside the ideal opportunity for yourself. It is your day, so gain more as much as possible from it in any capacity you like. Happy Birthday!

funny birthday wishes for friends

179. May today be the most joyful day of your life, and may tomorrow be significantly more joyful than today!

180. Keep in mind when one of us had a birthday and we’d gathering like rock stars? Me not one or the other. Just in case, I’ve conversed with your different companions, and they’ve concurred NOT to post your birthday party on the web. I’ve made no such promise. Love you, sweetheart!!!

181. I miss my childhood however I am sure you don’t. Since you are still a child. You are so young dear. One more year included now, so it’s smarter to stay over the ground as rather than staying under that. Wishing you a Happy birthday.

182. Individuals frequently compare birthday events and boogers. Since, with the increment of its number, individuals discover breathing harder. So, it’s another birthday with you. Statistics proves that the individuals who have earned more birthday celebrations, have lived with the longest life in the earth.

183. Hello, regardless of how old have you moved toward becoming today, simply ensure that you keep in mind that where you kept the auto keys. Good luck and Happy Birthday!

funny birthday wishes for friends

184. There are lot of years that I can recall for those history classes in our schools. But the terrible news is I can’t recall your birth date to the world date as it wasn’t on our course. Maybe I’m late, but Happy birthday.

185. I hope your birthday is as sweet as the cake. Also, the year to follow is filled with as much delight as you bring your companions! May your birthday be incredibly magnificent and your hangover be benevolently minor.

186. Hello it’s your birthday and I simply needed to tell you that you’ll never need to confront an issue alone. I will most likely be unable to take care of each issue however I’ll always be there for you when you require me.

187. When I recollect every one of the things we’ve experienced, I’m thankful to time that I got the opportunity to experience everything with you close by. Happy birthday to my closest companion who never let me go only it.

188. It’s your birthday! To celebrate, let’s grab a jug of wine and go skinny dipping in our birthday suits. Oh wait, that is a normal Friday night.

189. As you consider your life, you’ll see that I’ve been there through each embarrassing, joyful, pitiful, glad, scary, an important moment in your life. Keep in mind that whenever you’re mad at me… because i forgot your birthday present.

funny birthday wishes for friends

190. I am happy to the point that you have figured out how to make it to this age without too many scars. How about we include one huge one tonight! Happy Birthday!

191. Honesty is the way to any relationship, consequently I need you to know, you truly need to pluck your eyebrows before we go out tonight. Wishing you Happy Birthday!

192. I cannot trust how old we are getting! We should accomplish something we could just get away with we were teenagers. Let us remain up until 5 am and get up at 4 pm to pizza for breakfast. If might be that may be the last night you ever have, yet it will be an extraordinary way to go out with a blast. Happy Birthday!

193. Why is it generally harder to purchase gift for a person? It may be something to do with the way that regardless of what you get a person, it’s never going to be superior to his Play station. Happy Birthday, buddy!

194. To the closest companion a person could hope for, do every one of us an immense support and don’t get into any pieces this evening. Help yourself out and win the ones you do. Happy Birthday!

195. You generally supported me up in our battles, helped me move, helped me kick my addictions, and let me know when I was in a terrible relationship. Let me give a chance to give back where its due today, and help you pick a good club for us to celebrate it. Happy Birthday, dude!

funny birthday wishes for friends

196. Hello, would you be able to blow out every one of these candles by yourself or would it be a good idea for me to call our nearby fire department? bring your great times and your giggling as well. We’re going to celebrate the party with you!

Happy Birthday, Superstar! I wish your day is loaded with adoration from family and companions. What’s more, after they all go away, I’ll be there to assist you with unwrapping the presents!

197. Actually, you should enlist with Guinness book of world record. How would you figure out how to look so young. When do I know what is your actual age? Yet, dear still you have that beauty. Wishing you an exceptionally awesome birthday Have a great day!

198. Do you know what a Birthday implies? It implies becoming older. It implies taking up greater responsibility. It implies acting mature. It implies leaving all the childish fun behind. Do you still have a feeling for celebrating? If you do, keep in mind to invite me. Happy Birthday, Buddy!!!

funny birthday wishes for friends

199. Hello friend! Why are u stressing over your growing age? Simply remember one thing, you are as still more young than your coming birthday, so enjoy your day. Happy birthday once again. You are such a dear!

200. The number of candles has expanded on your cake, however, do your lungs hold that much capacity to blow them? Or then again will I do it for you… simply joking sweetheart! On your special day, I am arranging a little birthday party for you. So be there on time.

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