500 Happy Birthday Wishes, SMS, Quotes & Messages For Girlfriend From Boyfriend Collection

401. I wish you a calm mind, a cheerful heart and a successful life. Despite distance, what unites us can never be erased.

402. To you who are an extraordinary person and very admirable in their attitudes and words. I want to express through this message, true and sincere reflections for a better tomorrow, believing that you are and will always be your pastor and thus will not lack.

403. Your birthday has arrived, we need to meditate to transform our lives and that of everyone around us in better and more special moments. Today is a day to balance our actions, deeds and words, improve where possible and be reborn in love God’s.

404. May the peace of the Lord always be with you and showers of blessing prophesy your life, indicating the way to go. And when in the unhappy hours the discouragement invades your soul, seek strength in the Lord our God and deserve his glory.

405. If you doubt everything, even your own convictions, and if unbelief overwhelm your heart, turn to God and he will flood you with light and rehabilitate you in the conquest of happiness.

406. If for a moment you forget the one who created you, ask the brook that murmurs and the bird that sings or the flower that blossoms or the star that flickers and you will get the subsequent answer: “I am the dynamics of life and the harmony of nature, some call me love, the remedy for all the evils that torment human beings. ”

407. Stretch out your hands that he can lead you to the serene mansions of the infinite on the bright light of eternity … Happy Birthday!

408. Congratulations! Happy is one who lives intensely today, who does not regret the past and who is not frightened by the future.

409. This is the really happy person, who lives intensely every moment with enthusiasm and positive thinking. To mourn the past is a waste of time. If you did something that you regretted, or if something did not happen as you expected, what’s the point of whining about? You will not be able to change what has already happened.

410. The future is uncertain, does not always happen as planned. Live the present moment and be happy!

411. Today you begin a new journey, and in this moment of joy that you are completing another year of life. I want to tell you that I am very proud to share your companionship.

412. Today and continuously you deserve many hugs and honors. May God, further enlighten your path, so that you may conquer all your dreams. I also want to thank you for all you have done to make our relationship better.

413. Always have the audacity to think big, to dream about fantastic things that no one has thought of before.

414. In this life, those who do not take risks do not live, they just exist. It is true that those who do not risk, do not know the taste of defeat, but also do not experience the joy of an achievement. Have courage, risk, dream, live intensely. The best experiences are reserved for your future.

415. Your birthday today is a special date for you, and it also makes me very happy to know that you are happy. By picking up one more rose from your garden you show me all your vivacity and your struggle to achieve your ideals.

416. I wish you this incentive is always present in your life so that you can conquer more and more all your dreams. That on this date you are in total harmony with much peace and love in your heart, surrounded by good friends and people who love you.

417. I wish that all your searches reach their goals, and that you can be happier than You are today. And may your garden produce many other roses for you to reap for many, many years, be happy today, tomorrow and forever. Congratulations on your day. Cheers!

418. Do not waste time looking back. Do not let the ghosts of the past haunt you. You have a bright future ahead of you. And if one day look back, let it be to remember the beautiful moments that have already lived and to be motivated for the better things that will still arise.

419. Let’s move forward with boldness, like a soldier marching with the certainty of victory. I will always be on your side, on any occasion. Happy Birthday!

420. Today is your day, it’s a big day. Days and years have passed and you stay special and dear to all who know and admire you.

421. I would like to make for you an eternal poetry, poetry that was registered in my heart, as a gift and remembrance. You are a gift from God, a light that encourages and makes me live.

422. You are a perfumed rose, pure and crystalline, it is rock that does not shake. And with the light breeze relaxed, you are a beautiful person.

423. You have the gift of affection you have the simplicity, the patience, and the charisma that make you a wonderful being. I adore you and admire you for everything you are, for everything you represent, for the simple fact that you exist.

424. May this day be just like the sun, shine forth with all its intensity, with all its fullness and magic.

425. May this day be a great day, that the love that united us one day by family ties, can unite us always.

426. Love is not something that is written on a paper, because the paper can be torn. Nor is it something that can be written on a stone, for even a stone can break. But it’s written in a person’s heart, and it stays there forever.

427. Every day I thank God for having someone who is more than a girlfriend and a companion, but who is my soul mate. You have conquered me from the first day not only with your physical beauty, but with your inner beauty.

428. It is my desire that you continue always like this, captivating everyone with your unique way of being. I will always be with you, gracing and taking care of your garden. Kiss of your beloved!

429. Happy Birthday my love! I hope you are very happy. What a pity, my love. I can not do what I always did. I wanted to be with you, my love. To spend the night, to take you to dinner. Give you a flower. And a delicious kiss to celebrate.

430. I wish you millions of happiness, and I wish that every year, I am by your side, just to make you happy. When you need me I’ll always be here. Thank you for all the moments, and for all the affections. May God bless all his way, and take away all the stones that appear on you. I love you.

431. Congratulations, my soul mate! I will invariably love you, regardless of the distance that separates us. Before we found ourselves, I would go through life without meaning, without reason.

432. I know that somehow, all the steps I took since the moment I started walking were steps towards your meeting. We were meant to meet.

433. There is no gift that can express how important you are in my life. I wish that in this day and in all the others that are to come, may God grant you all the joys of the world, all health, all faith, everything of good.

434. That your life is always marked by good moments. May this memory serve so that you never forget me, even when I am far away.

435. I confess that this day I can not express all my joy, simply because I know that on this wonderful date you are much happier. May God illuminate all the days of your life, bless your birthday! Kisses my princess.

436. Congratulations my love! Love is fire that burns without seeing itself. It is a wound that hurts and doesn’t feel. It is discontented contentment. It is pain that fights without hurting. It is a not wanting more than good to want.

437. Love is a lonely walk among us. It is never content with contentment. It is a caring that wins in getting lost. It is to want to be imprisoned by will. It is to serve to whoever wins the winner. It is to have to whom we kill loyalty.

438. Today the day is different, a certain light has invaded the air, will the sky celebrate your birthday? Certainly yes. Today is a day that we should celebrate, thank for the gift of your life.

439. Know that you were born with a single mission, make those who are close to you happy. As for me happiness is complete, I do not know when was that love was born, just know that it is much stronger than any other emotion .

440. Love is the certainty of not being in solitude. Being with you and being part of your life is like seeing a thousand paths to walk, in any one of them, to know that happiness is a certainty.

441. You are so special, have a constant joy. Today, on the day of your birthday, I want to thank the gift of your love and tell you how happy I am by your side. Congratulations and Happy birthday! Love you very much.

442. That loving means giving in full. On this day, I want to tell you that my dream is to continue learning by your side, my eternal love.

443. Happy birthday, beautiful! How wonderful to know that I can be by your side not only in this unique and special day but in all the days of your life.

444. I do not even have the words to thank you for your affection, for your dedication. I know it’s not easy to put up with, so I’ll give you even more value. I also want to apologize to you for all the times I do not understand you or that I speak more than I should.

445. I just want you to know that my mistakes do not mean that I do not love you. I love you very much and I would not know how to live without you. Next to you, I feel that my birthday is every day because you are my daily gift. But today is yours, so let’s party! Much happiness, my love.

446. Happy birthday, my light! Before I loved you, my love, nothing was mine. I wandered the streets and things. Nothing counted nor had a name. The world was the air I was waiting for.

447. I would like to make a beautiful poem for you. A poem that expresses the affection I have for you. It did not have to be in threes or rhymes. A simple and simple thing Like the affection I have for you. A poem that made you feel close to me.

448. I do not know if I could say to you All that I feel for you. Say that I can not live without you. That life is very delicious because I have you. Hmmm, what a hot thing you are.

449. Girl, you make my heart shoot for nothing. What passion damned, that makes me feel in paradise. Girl at playtime Woman when she wants to love. You are like this: a delicious mix. A girlfriend that makes me daydream. That you can show me paradise.

450. Just one look from you and I already know exactly what you are thinking and what you are going to say. In our case, words are often not necessary. But even so, on this special day, I insist on saying that I love you, that my life with you is sublime, and that you can count on me for all the challenges that the future holds for you! A happy birthday kiss!

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