500 Happy Birthday Wishes, SMS, Quotes & Messages For Girlfriend From Boyfriend Collection

351. Today the day dawns smiling. The sun is not even born yet but is eager to give you a special warmth. When you open your door, you will feel the embrace of the wind, and somewhere, the flowers will smile at you.

352. How beautiful life is, and so that it is better than ourselves to know how important it is to live and be part of one’s life. Someone who cares and understands, someone you can always count on.

353. You are such a special person, I thank God for the privilege of this beautiful day, dawn celebrating your existence. Because your love means more than words can say.

354. May God bless you my dear with peace, health and joy; and even in the most difficult and unavoidable moments you can count on me as the true love of all hours.

355. Congratulations, may you have many days of life, blessed and happy, and that these future days are all of harmony, peace and wishes fulfilled. May your heart be continuously in celebration, because you are a being of light and special to me.

356. Congratulations on your birthday. May your walk always be rewarded with the presence of God, guiding your steps and intuiting your decisions. So that your conquests and victories, be constant.

357. May God extend his hand toward you on this birthday and renew your strength to live each day with courage and strength.

358. May you always have this love and affection to offer to all who participate in your life. May this be a special birthday and may your smile cry with joy.

359. Today I ask the Almighty that each path you take becomes free from obstacles, that every step you take is toward success.

360. God continuously blesses genuine, humble, and good people like you. And today, blessings are likely to double as it is your birthday. The sunlight shining on your face today will bring you the blessings of the Lord. Enjoy your special day! May all your wishes come true! A fantastic day for you!

361. That on this special day the Lord is in front of you to show you the right path. May the Lord be with you to embrace and shield you.

362. May the Lord be inside you, to save you from false people. May the Lord be under you, to help you when you fall and to take you out of the traps.

363. May the Lord be with you, to comfort you when you are sad. May the Lord be around you , to save you when others attack you.

364. May the Lord be upon you continuously blessing you. May your ways always remain enlightened, so that you can continue to enlighten also those who have the opportunity to tread with you.

365. Today it seems that the whole world woke up more beautiful, with more color. At least my world is like this today. That’s because I have in my heart the joy of celebrating another year of your life.

366. It has been very good to be able to walk by your side and see how you live life in a sincere way, how you wish for good to all and seek this good for your life and the lives of those who are with you.

367. It is with the best feelings of affection and a heart full of reasons to be here honoring you in this way on this special day. The message shows the extremes of true and deep feelings. I happened to be a part of your life, I learned to value some details, register and save almost all of our moments, preferably the most special.

368. I want to thank at this moment for the happiness that I am feeling in giving and receiving love, sharing feelings that simply make us vibrate with joys and emotions. I want you to be happy and I will make all your best moments be traced of love, peace, trust and a lot of love and respect.

369. Life my love is a book and every day we write a page, that our story is beautiful marked by great moments and beautiful memories. May this unique moment in this message be eternalized within our hearts. You deserve to be very happy, my love. Happy Birthday!

370. May your birthday be filled with happiness, alongside the most beloved ones. And may God keep you always like this, so special and important in the lives of so many people.

371. Know that God made you so it could be worth it. Choose what you build. Say I was born to be HAPPY. Congratulations, you can be very happy. Count me forever. I love you.

372. On this beautiful day that you’ve been born for … I want to wish peace, love, affection, dream and friendship. May God enlighten your footsteps. Here I leave my affection for you … My embrace, My love.

373. Congratulations, lots of peace, lots of love, lots of joy every day, many congratulations. Happy birthday my dear … I will always be with you … From your love today, tomorrow and always.

374. On this big day, I want to thank you. Thanks for your affection. Thanks for your friendship. Thank you for your presence in my life. Thank you for having crossed my path.

375. May you have health. May you succeed. May this date be repeated for many years. May you be happy today and always. On this big and special day, I want to congratulate you. Congratulations for you being you. Congratulations on your being so special.

376. It is through coexistence with lovable people like you that I find the strength to overcome all the storms that life imposes on me. I use this message to demonstrate the force of this feeling that makes a home in my heart.

377. Today the world is in celebration to pay homage to someone as special as you are. It is a day to delete emotions and negative thoughts. Send to the trash what nothing adds in our life, to program new goals.

378. Save faith, hope and optimism, insert new dreams, make downloads from people you love. Send e-mail that ennobles people; and above all, hope that the virus of love invades the system of your life.

379. Congratulations that this is an unforgettable day for you, and that each new day is better. You’ll always trust the wisdom of the Lord, and believe. Because you’re a divine creation, the image of your love .. Many and many happiness!

380. I want to wish you all the happiness in the world, you are devoted to be a special person. A single creature that fills me of pride and pleasure to be next to you.

381. Thank you for your romance and company in my life. Thank you because even without speaking, you can cheer me up. Five minutes with you guarantee the joy of my whole day.

382. It is my desire for you that you always know how to find the wisdom that exists in silence and never judge people by their appearance or doubt them without foundation.

383. Today there are many of us who have plenty of reasons to be terribly happy. You especially should be this happiest person in the world after all, besides having completed another year of achievements and joys.

384. You know that there are people who do everything so you feel happy to celebrate another birthday. I thought of a thousand ways how to tell you how much I feel as having you as my soulmate.

385. The secret of health, both mental and physical, lies in not whining about the past, not worrying about the future, or getting ahead of problems. But living the present in a serious and wise way.

386. I hope you will live many years in full mental and bodily health, being a true example of harmony for the universe.

387. Open your heart to stronger emotions that will give the segment to your life. Showing that it is determined, worthy and that you are certain of the purposes that will lead you to the conquest of your happiness.

388. My love I am very happy today, full of joy to know that you are doing another birthday. I want to wish all the best for you, to continue being that charm of person that has conquered me and that moves deeply with me and makes me happy always.

389. I want to tell you that I feel very good to be by your side. May you always be happy, fulfilling your dreams and that I am by your side applauding all your victories, other birthdays and I want to be with you, sharing moments, dreams and loving you.

390. Congratulations, the birthday is yours and I’m stealing some of this happiness through your affection, that delicious feeling that you make me spring.

391. May this date bring you joy, satisfaction and dreams fulfilled, thank you for being with me on this important date. I love you so much, I beg you to always look at me and see me in the direction of your ways and your happiness. Happy Birthday my dear. Be very happy.

392. Today, look to the heavens and let your heart be bathed by this ocean of light that will transform your life. Brighten your life with the Rays of Happiness.

393. Congratulations! I wish you a year full of dreams come true. Dream of what you want to be, because you have only one life and you only have one chance to do what you want.

394. Have enough happiness to make it sweet. Difficulties to make it strong. Sadness to make her human. And enough hope to make her happy. The happiest folks do not have the best things. They know how to form the best of the opportunities that come their way.

395. Happiness appears to those who weep. For those who hurt themselves. For those who seek and always try. And for those who recognize the importance of the people who have passed through their lives.

396. Today smiles ask for a sun in the sky and blue as a panel. A piece of cake given in the mouth. Tight embraces and kisses given With affection and simplicity of more. A celebration for your

397. Today is the day to open the heart And tell you with emotion. My happiness and sincere wishes for health, peace and much love at heart. I want the breeze to Bring you a scent of flowers, Along with a hug Tight and tender. At night I’ll ask the moon, Moments of magic and tenderness to cradle you in the darkness So that the stars can enlighten you more.

398. I’ll sing a song In your imagination … That leaves my heart, To bewitch you! Congratulations to you That I love you so much. May you be blessed by God our lord, What greater gift he gave me, than to have you as an inhabitant of my chest.

399. By looking at yesterday, your memories are warm. As you celebrate this day, may your heart be filled with happiness and joy. When you look ahead to tomorrow, may your deepest hopes and dreams come true for you.

400. May you navigate all the obstacles and challenges toward success. Celebrate all the wonderful things that make you so special, not only on this day, but on every day of the year.

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