500 Happy Birthday Wishes, SMS, Quotes & Messages For Girlfriend From Boyfriend Collection

301. You are the Birthday Girl and therefore the star of this day dedicated to you, but you are such a simple and kind person. Treat everyone around you with such attention, care and respect that everyone feel a great honor in being your friends.

302. I admire your sincerity and your fellowship at all times, and I am very pleased to be sure that your life will always be enlightened. Because you are a good person, a very special human being and bearer of a great heart.

303. On this holiday day in your life I want to wish you with all my heart in love. Happy Birthday my love. You deserve much more Congratulations. You with all your sincerity, transparency in the attitudes made me know how beautiful your heart is.

304. You know when I wake up I wonder if you’re not just the result of a beautiful dream, but I feel calm. Because I know you exist and are in this world to make me the happiest man in the Universe. My love, I love you so much. Congratulations happy Birthday.

305. Happy Birthday to the best company in the world. Much more than a company, this place represents a family. And for me, being part of this great family is such a pride that it is even difficult to express in words.

306. It is a tremendous privilege to be part of your life, which works with a contagious joy. My desire is to be able to continue to be happy in this company for many years, benefiting from the fantastic environment that is lived here, and helping it to grow more and more, achieving great achievements.

307. I wish that you can continue to learn the most important lessons of life. And that you can face every challenge without illusions. So that your suffering is as small as possible.

308. In this life many people will speak ill of you, they will try to discourage you, to lower you and to lead you in the wrong ways. Never forget that you should base yourself and live up to the opinions of people who love you. So you will be happy and have a nice life.

309. I hope your birthday is wonderful, full of love and laughter … just like you.

310. This is a perfect time to say how happy I am to have you as my girlfriend. Not everyone is lucky enough to have somebody as special as you in their life. I am one of the lucky few.

311. May beauty and happiness surround you this day and forever. Thank you for being a special one to me – totally funny, totally crazy (like me) and totally caring. Wear your brighter smile and let’s start the party.

312. May this day you feel the love and affection of your friends and family, feeling that they love you as you are. I hope you always have the strength to fight senseless traditions, and to conquer happiness every day. Thank you so much for your presence in our lives! Kiss!

313. I would not be a complete person if I did not have you. Thank God I have you, great person and companion, I am very happy to have you close to me, to be able to do so much good.

314. On this day I will be rooting for you so that you can achieve all that you desire. You are a person who deserves the best of me, of the world and will surely win everything you want.

315. Today is your birthday and I feel gifted to have you with me, a cheerful person, full of qualities and a warm heart. May the Lord bless you always so that you continue to be that wonderful person that you are. Accept my great affection.

316. May your life be filled with peace and harmony, and you may escape all the confusion and agitation that normally appear in the daily routine. I wish you all the happiness, that you transmit in a peace of mind that exceeds all understanding. Hug!

317. Congratulations, the world is celebrating today, I’m talking about this world that is around you, your friends, your family. Today we all have a special reason to embrace you, and wish you a dream calendar made.

318. Congratulations, today you have every right to be happy, to feel happy. It is your birthday. It’s party day. May God continue to bless you and bend your days of life, with great health.

319. May this birthday bring new chances and opportunities for you to grow professionally, spiritually, emotionally and more.

320. Happy birthday, may the heavens, cover you with the blessings of God the Father, and may you continue to be this unique friend, this true friend, this wonderful person that I make a point to have by my side and call you my life. Congratulations, be happy, because you deserve, and you need this happiness always.

321. They say that you are a beast, but I find you a lady. And that day, so that, you would like to say how much you have and always be important in my life.

322. Through your love I could hold my dream of wife, I could find my soulmate. You are so understanding, loving and Happy birthday dear.

323. I hope that on this birthday you will receive in your heart the true essence of happiness and that it will be responsible for countless moments of joy in your life.

324. You have shown that you are a responsible and decisive woman. Attention make you someone with whom I like to talk.

325. Today I will pray to God thanking you for everything that you are, and you have been in my life. Today is a happy day, deserving of great celebration.

326. I feel happy and fulfilled, you get excited about my victories and you do not make a face with the slips I sometimes make. Because you know that life is like this, a constant learning.

327. Having a partner just like you, friend and understanding, makes things so much easier. I’m more calm about your behavior, serious and responsible. Manifest the great affection I feel for you, and speak of its importance in my life.

328. I want you a year full of love and joy. After all, celebrating a birthday is to have the chance to make new friends, to help more people, to learn and teach new lessons. To experience other pains.

329. Birthday is maturing a bit more and looking out at life as a gift from God. It is to be grateful, recognized, strong, fearless. It is to rhyme, to be verse, to see God in the universe; Congratulations to you on such a great day.

330. Maybe I do not express myself as I would like. But it’s a different feeling, talking to you is a joy to me, everything in you catches my attention, your way of thinking, speaking, acting, are special. Maybe that’s why I feel so good to you.

331. You’re a super special person and with your way so sweet and lovingly left me simply fascinated. It was nice to have met you, every day you surprise me with attitudes that enchant me.

332. Being your birthday I feel happy now in a way for being part of your life. Fate crosses people’s path so that they complete and feel happy, regardless of time. Happy Birthday and know that I’m thinking of You.

333. God with his infinite power is everywhere, around you and within you. Because today is such a special day, I want with all my heart to tell you how much dreams are important. Never lose your faith in all the wonderful things that can happen to you.

334. Have time to dream and to look at life as a great adventure to be lived. Do not be sure about the things that surround you, for the joy is in continuing to fight and conquer. Never give up on a dream, even if it seems impossible to you.

335. Plant in your heart the seed of love, for it will enlarge your days of joy. May the Lord illuminate your ways, bringing sorrow always far away, far from you.

336. Continue to be that wonderful person that you are, for the inner beauty is what really counts before our Heavenly Father. Your heart will be where your joy of living is. Congratulations on the important date that marks your entry into the world, Happy Birthday.

337. Open your eyes and feel the pleasure of life, because today is a very special day. It is your birthday! It’s a day to reflect on the year that has passed.

338. There were many mistakes and successes, but always the certainty of living intensely each day, taking advantage of every moment to learn and evolve. For every day is another step in the long walk of life.

339. May you learn the best lessons in this new year of your life. May you not cling to the sorrows that may arise. May you never let yourself be governed by your concerns, but always be able to look up in faith.

340. Even in the most complicated situations, God will be with you. When you feel that there is no way out or hope, look to God, and He will guide you. Hug

341. I will pray with a lot of faith, hope and praise for your health, peace and prosperity. Win the deserved affection and receive a lot of love. My congratulations on this date, dear! A beautiful, great and happy birthday With so many years of life.

342. I would like to wish you much peace and harmony, and say that if you ever feel afraid of failure. Do not forget for a moment that true love, that which comes from me for you casts out all fear.

343. Continue to be an example of sincerity and dedication. I am sure that God observes every step of yours and holds you by the hands, so feel yourself protected and enlightened.

344. May God pour upon you every blessing you deserve and allow your dreams and goals to be fulfilled. Congratulations on your day. Happy Birthday!

345. On this day, I want to wish you, my love … all happiness that exists. You, who is an extraordinary person, a magnificent partner. I want to say that I am very proud to have you as my dear companion.

346. I know that everything I say at this moment will not replace our love for one another. We always live united by this real and true feeling that unites us all this time.

347. My love … I want to honor you in a very different way, saying everything that my heart could declare. The ideal way that I found to demonstrate all this was through these words that I say to you through my feelings … I love you … congratulations, Happy birthday to you.

348. May all your dreams and goals be fulfilled and all your goals achieved. But most important of all, is that you be very, very happy.

349. May this date be marked by many moments of great achievements. You are super special and deserve that Father in Heaven gives you many gifts, especially those gifts that you secretly keep in your heart.

350. May you always walk in search of success, reaching a broad future, perfecting and prospering even more. Congratulations today and always! Affectionate Kisses.

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