500 Happy Birthday Wishes, SMS, Quotes & Messages For Girlfriend From Boyfriend Collection

251. One more year … do not think about it, the important thing is to have spent it well.

252. Usually to write down a message, a letter or a greeting card. People take longer than the one used to buy the gift, not knowing that the best things are said with a few and above all simple words.

253. After days and days of searching for a suitable gift for you. I decided everything you want will come true when you read this card.

254. Do you bear in mind once we had that fire inside? We still have it. Only now they call it gastritis. Happy birthday.

255. You’re like good wine: older, better.

256. To you who happily grow old … with solidarity.

257. Do not celebrate the passing time, but spend the time celebrating.

258. I hope I managed to beat everyone on time because I want to be the first to give you these fantastic wishes … happy birthday.

259. I wanted to congratulate you in a special way but I do not have much imagination. However know that in their simplicity these are the wishes of a person who loves you so much.

260. Of course, I understand that getting old is scary at first, but what effect does it do now? Happy birthday.

261. On this day entirely dedicated to you. I would like you to live endless moments of happiness surrounded by the affection of the people you love.

262. It warms my heart to think that your birthdays are not only signifying your life, but also mine, today and again for many, many years. Best wishes my love and a thousand of these days together.

263. Time makes you improve and models you to make you more beautiful every day.

264. Birthdays are special days. We close an old chapter of our life and open another one. It does not matter how many we have but how they are.
265. You will always be young as long as love flourishes in your life, while radiating beauty, peace, hope, courage, optimism and joy to all who live around you.

266. I can not help think of you and at all the birthdays I’ve been lucky to enjoy with you.

267. Thank you for listening to my thoughts, by understanding my dreams, by living with my defects and for me to me for all these years.

268. Open your eyes and feel the pleasure of life, because today is a very special day. It is your birthday! It’s a day to reflect on the year that has passed.

269. True birthday is not an annual business. True birthday is the day when we have a rebirth.

270. Today you celebrate another year of life and for my joy you celebrate next to me. Sometimes I come to think that this love between the two of us has existed for a long time in other lives, so you are very important to me. Dear Congratulations! And Happy Birthday Beloved.

271. I’ve always suspected that blowing out the candles on the birthday cake is a disguised health check for the insurance company.

272. The older you get, the more the birthday cake resembles a torchlight procession.

273. Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day! Open the window of your heart and let the air in. Do you know that smell of dream mold that got old and you did not even notice it? Let the wind take you away.

274. Get rid of the bitter rancid of all sorrow and bitterness, make a good cleaning on the windowpane of the heart. I assure you that you will see better life outside.

275. Let the light flood everything, erasing the marks of disappointment, the sadness of defeat, the vice of suffering. And above all, allow the sun to melt the ice of solitude.

276. Open the window of life and be full in every thing even though seems small. Live in the adult way of being a child, lean in the window and do not watch life pass through it … Live Life.

277. On this day, I thank you for sharing your happiness with me in such a special way. It is a great pleasure to be able to celebrate this date with you and hope to do so for many years to come. My wish is that you can continue being a candle that lights many others.

278. I want you to know my love, my admiration, my regards and my respect. I want my prayers to come to the Father Almighty. I want to ask Him to open windows and doors of heaven and pour in your direction, health, peace, love, joy and many years of life.

279. I am very happy to know that you have a special love and affection for me. Wishing for many years of life is what I can do, and I hope that God will hear my prayers and give you the strength of the world so that you will always win.

280. Happy Birthday! May the calendar of life reserve motives for smiling on this date so full of life.
281. My vows is that you have many victories, that happiness be made constant in all the days of your existence. And that the principle of every morning come to find your heart with the doors open to receive all the energy of the dawn of another day of sunshine.

282. One of the great blessings of life is the experience that the years have given us. Birthdays are a sample of the opportunities we have to learn to count our days.

283. Today, one more window opens before your eyes, another thorn has been removed from the flower, leaving only the beauty of such a beautiful date.

284. The symptoms of happiness are translated from optimism, faith, hope you have to strive to be better every day. Continue walking through the valleys of life, because one day you will find the most beautiful garden. The garden that will represent the fulfillment of your biggest dreams. May God enlighten you all the days of your life.

285. Congratulations on this day that God chose to bring the existence of a person like you. I believe that God will certainly grant you the desire of your heart, for you are within the heart. And the will of the Father in his attitudes and manner of living.

286. Congratulations, Today is a new day. Open your eyes and feel the pleasure of life, because today is a very special day. It is your birthday!

287. Today is a day to reflect on the year that has passed. There were many mistakes and successes, but always the certainty of living intensely each day, taking advantage of every moment to learn and evolve.

288. Today is another step in the long walk of life. And certainly you as no one knows the special person that you are. I wish you all the best. May you be happy and make others happy, for there is no greater gift than life and love. Therefore, never stop the quest for the inner self and always continue to be the person you are.

289. Again it is your birthday, I wondered what I could do to surprise you to cheer you up and provide you with great moments of happiness.

290. May Joy invades your heart, the dreams, the life giving you the certainty that everything and every moment that you live are unique and unforgettable.

291. I want to see in your eyes the brilliance of gratitude for another year of life. Although it is a challenge to live, it is necessary to have faith and confidence to overcome all the obstacles of our journey.

292. You know how to build a dream world around you, even though it seems impossible, but never stop dreaming. Our love will forever be a precious crystal that will shine with each new day’s dawn.

293. I today want to wish you all that is in this world and say how much you are loved by all. You have this way and affectionate, carrying out in the hope and the will to win. That your life is the way of love, for it, it is only capable of demonstrating the true sense of life.

294. I love you most and you know it. I am passionate about our relationship, because in us, something sublime is complete. Maybe it’s even that special chemistry that transforms us when we are next to each other.

295. I can only say that I am happy with you. That today will have in my embrace and in my kiss, the proof of this affection. It is that today I make a point of being present on this wonderful day that is your birthday.

296. I brighten your day, desiring only the happiest realizations for your existence. Happy birthday! God bless you. Never forget that you have in me, a point of support, a warmth in all situations.

297. The most loved and important people always have more enemies. I hear you have enough. But today is not a day to worry about. Today is a day of celebrating with those who like you, and there are many of us. Keep on living an exciting life, fleeing from mediocrity.

298. You are this to me, a continuation of my way of being, of living and looking at the world.

299. I want you always to be this person of integrity, strong and kind to always be well loved by all. Happy birthday, I love you very much.

300. The greatness of your soul that is reborn today. A thousand hugs from family friends and guests. A thousand flashes of affection and love. Turn your eyes into the soft drops of happiness. On this day of celebration to your winning spirit.

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