500 Happy Birthday Wishes, SMS, Quotes & Messages For Girlfriend From Boyfriend Collection

201. For each passing year, the trees made a new ring by adding fabric around the circumference … does it remind you of something? Happy birthday.

202. Your love is one of the ways in which God manifests His love to me! Happy birthday.

203. Do not count your years adding days to days but counting the friends that time has given you.

204. It’s your birthday! You are a wiser, more sophisticated person, too mature to give importance to material things like gifts.

205. There are days that go forgotten.. others impossible to forget … today is one of these. Happy Birthday.

206. The day of your birthday is the party of a star, because you shine in my sky and in my heart.

207. One more year … one more wrinkle … some more ailments … some extra white hair … do not despair … it’s me that I love you more and more.

208. Words can not certainly replace a hug but at least serve to bring you my best.

209. The most beautiful and cheerful day of the year. The day of the birth of the most important person in my life.

210. Remember that life is beautiful, and that it does not matter how old you are. But what really matters is the love and enthusiasm that you set out to reach this special date.

211. Words can not express all the happiness that I wish you to try on this day.
212. Today is truly a special day, impossible to forget by those who love you. You are a unique, special and wonderful person.

213. Infinite joy from today and throughout life. This is my special wish that you will never forget.

214. For your birthday … Smile … it’s good for wrinkles. Best wishes.

215. Silver moon with golden stars, gnomes, elves and enchanted fairies. A shower of fine needs and a fairy thought for a lucky birthday.

216. For your birthday I wanted to give you something unique, extraordinary, fantastic but it did not seem appropriate to close myself in a package.

217. On the wings of a blond angel I sent you a sweet and deep wish. If you do not know where it comes from, it comes from the heart of someone who loves you.

218. Every year that passes for you is like a petal that is born in a rose, the more you make the more you embellish.

219. There is no need to look at the calendar for a date I have carved in my heart. Happy Birthday.

220. Aging has its advantages … to make room for the candles that increase it takes a cake bigger and bigger. I love you I’m ready to help you … to eat it.

221. Count the flowers of your garden, ne’er the leaves that fall. Count the stars of your nights, not the shadows. Count the smiles of your life, not the tears. And at every birthday your age counts with joy from the number of friends, not that of years.

222. I would like to be next to you, hold you tightly and whisper in your ear: “when you give me a slice of cake?” Best wishes for your birthday.

223. One day at a time is enough, do not turn around because it’s gone, and do not worry about the future because it has not arrived. Live the present and make it so beautiful that you want to remember it.

224. Understand that you’re maturing when the candles are more expensive than the cake.

225. The sun rises high in the sky today as in your tomorrow: shining like your eyes, burning like your temperament, radiant as your smile.

226. Every day is important, but this is more, all over the world should celebrate it and do you know why? Because you were born. The most beautiful flower of my lawn, the brightest star of my sky, the most important person in my life.

227. I took the soul wrapped in paper of sweetness and luck. I put it on the wings of an angel to come to you to wish you a wonderful birthday.

228. Happiness, in life, we find it in small gestures, words, or things, that can make the other happy. Like to wish happy birthday to an exceptional person. I wish you that your life is an eternal birthday.

229. Best wishes because the passing time does not only sound the melody of past memories. But marks the cheerful rhythm of a life full of emotions, always ready to start from scratch to discover the world and its wonders.

230. Strange but true: I can not find the words to express the wish of happy birthday. So I leave to you the opportunity to express the desire that is closest to your heart. The realization of that desire is my wish for you, accompanied by a very sweet hug.

231. For your birthday I would like to wish you everything and nothing. Everything you desire and nothing that can displease you.

232. Today could be a day like several but there is a small detail. It is the birthday of the foremost person in the world, to whom I love so much.

233. Follow the instructions: place your right hand on your left shoulder, and your left hand on your right shoulder. Now tighten as tight as you can. It’s my hug. Best wishes for a happy birthday.

234. This year for your birthday I decided to give you an immense gift, so big that I could not pack it. The good that I want you. Happy birthday wishes of heart.

235. Best wishes for a happy birthday to a special person who deserves to be celebrated every day. That this and all the years to come are studded with happiness and fulfilled desires.

236. Weather forecast for your birthday: there is a strong rain of kisses and hugs. It is advisable to close the umbrella and open the heart.

237. I know that my message reaches you among many, but best wishes are like money … they are never enough.

238. Come out … look up to the sky and start counting the stars … those are the best wishes I send you for your birthday.

239. For your birthday I wish you a huge cascade of falling stars to express my best wishes.

240. If I could give you a very special gift, I would give you the chance to look with the eyes of others that special person you are.

241. Special people are rare … luckily I met you. Happy birthday my heart.

242. For your birthday listen to the voice of wisdom: smile until you still have teeth in your mouth.

243. If someone dared to call you old just today, take the stick and run after him. Then take off the dentures and throw it on him.

244. For your birthday I had thought of something fantastic, unique, unforgettable … so much thinking does not cost anything.

245. Hell, I’ve looked everywhere for a decent present for your birthday. But nothing was suitable for someone as special as you.

246. I asked a poet to write a beautiful poem for you, but the poet told me that the verse is not present. So I’ll tell you only I WANT YOU SO MUCH.

247. It is not easy to be original for birthday wishes. We do this: you smile and I wish you to take it all year.

248. Traveling on the wings of a dream I am living a long and immense emotion. A thousand intense chills that make my heart fly … happy birthday wishes my love.

249. When the signs on us remind us of the passing time, your inimitable smile dissolves the signs of time.

250. How are you doing? Years pass but you do not seem to be affected.

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