500 Happy Birthday Wishes, SMS, Quotes & Messages For Girlfriend From Boyfriend Collection

151. Happy birthday to the person who made my life a wonderful and adventurous romance. You are the love of my life. I wish you the most fabulous days.

152. Happy Birthday. A kiss here, another there, then another here, etc … It’s 86400 kisses, one per second, that I send you for this special day. You choose where you want to receive each kiss.

153. I look forward to being here tonight to make this day the most unforgettable and special memory you have ever had for your birthday. Get ready !

154. On this special day, the sun adorned its golden rays, the clouds stole the sweetness of the cotton. The wind was perfumed with smells of carnival treats and the sky borrowed its colors from the sea. All this for you, so that you spend the most beautiful days of birthday.

155. Today is your birthday and it is not very beautiful. You may not know it but the sun is very busy choosing from its color palette, the best rays of light to highlight the woman who is already the brightest in the world.

156. It makes me sad not to be at your side to celebrate together your birthday. But I hope that this SMS will show you that I do not forget you.

157. A great person whose love is sincere. On this special day all my thoughts and time are yours. Happy birthday to you my love who fills me with joy and glory.

158. If the water were kisses, I will give you the sea. If a cloud represents love, I will give you heaven. If a planet was a hug, I will give you the Galaxy. But you do not need to give me something because, you already give me your love and that’s enough for me.

159. Happy birthday, health, peace, love, prosperity, money, friends, and hope for the future. I hope your future is like a fireworks display that shines brightly.

160. Day after day, the year makes its turn, and here is the return, of the most beautiful day. The day which celebrates that of your birth .. good feast to you.

161. May this new birthday bring happiness, wealth, health and joy in quantity. May life be sweet to you and fill your heart with everything you desire. Not only today but every day of the whole year. Best wishes.

162. On clouds full of love I send you my sweet thoughts. On the beaches feelings I become your lover. A wave of sensations puts us in emotion. Best moments of happiness tender heart to heart.

163. Today is the most important and worthy day of the year: more magical than Christmas, more festive than the New Year. More important than May 1, more greedy than Easter, more joyful than the arrival of spring. It’s the wonderful day you were born.

164. I hope with all my heart that, during these 365 days of your new age, you will meet the real happiness and joy . You will flirt with the happiness, you will clink with luck. You will laugh with the health and you will benefit from the life.

165. There you are, you have entered the new age. So that these 365 days that await you are even better than the previous ones. I wanted to wish you: a ton of good moments, full of laughs, an abundance of surprises, love at will, a lot of friendship and a full health.

166. I wish you the most beautiful birthday and all the happiness of the world. I hope your day will be the measure of your person: exceptional!

167. My very expensive shell, This year for your birthday, I send you: – 5 big pinches of smile – 250g of sun – 300 g of joy – 5 spoons of happiness and the sun “as if it rained” to sprinkle all. Hoping that your birthday cake is even more successful than last year. I add to this birthday card all my love and I kiss you very hard.

168. Do not panic ! 30 years is a cape, but you still have your whole life in front of you. So keep calm and enjoy your birthday! I kiss you.

169. Better late than never. I hope you do not mind too much for those few days late. Admit that the beauty and originality of the card catch up. I kiss you very hard, happy birthday.

170. Every year, you continue to grow in beauty, strength and wisdom. This is a good reason to wish you a happy birthday.

171. Aging is the only way we have found to live longer. I do not know who said that, but I hope it will allow you to have a good birthday.

172. If the years succeed, you keep the same smile, the same joy of living so communicative. Time will never alter your natural qualities. I wish you a wonderful birthday.

173. I wish you a Happy Birthday in all the languages of the world, even if all the languages of the world will not be enough to express to you how much I think of you. I’m kissing you strongly.

174. A pinch of joy, a zest of love and a hint of happiness, all accompanied by gifts and a beautiful cake. This is the recipe I wish you for your birthday.

175. Attention, this is an SMS that chooses the most beautiful and kind person in my repertoire and it’s you it chose to wish you a happy birthday.

176. I would only have two words to tell you, but two words that come straight from my heart … Happy birthday.

177. Happy Birthday. One more candle on the cake. There will soon be no more room. You’re getting old.

178. That this birthday is most happy because someone so wonderful is worthy of receiving the best.

179. That this new birthday brings happiness, health and joy in quantity. May life be sweet to you and fill your heart with all that you desire.

180. That this day is the beginning of a year of luck and success and that the happy days follow the bright days.

181. Birthdays are a special occasion to celebrate and have fun forgetting all the worries. May yours be filled with beautiful thoughts that will last all year long.

182. Your good mood is so contagious that even the dullest and worthless day with you becomes radiant.

183. A hint of cheerfulness, a tear of tenderness and an accompaniment of spirited friends. This is the dream cocktail to celebrate a vintage event: Your birthday.

184. I played lotto with the intention of sharing my gain with you and guess what? … I lost! Happy Birthday (This SMS will be charged to refund me).

185. Here you are in the row of ‘door’, a magical age. The younger ones are ruined by the fear of getting there too fast, the older ones regret them. We are the only ones who can truly enjoy this extraordinary period of life in its fullness. Best wishes.

186. Every year is sort of a book with 365 blank pages. Make every day your masterpiece, use all the colors of life and as you write, smile. Happy birthday.

187. Imagine and you will improve, dream and realize yourself, trust yourself because you are worth more than you think.

188. The bad news is that I forgot to congratulate you on your birthday. The good news is that I additionally forgot your age. I hope you have a happy birthday.

189. The most beautiful gift I can give you is packaged in my heart: it’s called Love … I offer it wishing you Happy Birthday.

190. Love is a wealth that could not bought and sold out, but is given. This feeling is my gift for your birthday … and for every single day of your life.

191. Many years ago, a day like today, the angels in heaven came together and dancing invoked your arrival. You have come down among us giving us happiness and joy.

192. I wanted to give you something incredible and unique this year. Unfortunately, the gift paper was not matched with the color of my hair.

193. This year I would like to amaze you, be amazed with a fantastic and original gift, but my genius might not be appreciated. So be content with a classic and traditional … Happy Birthday.

194. For you, the wish that every little and big thing that your heart desires can be fulfilled.

195. For your birthday I will fulfill your every wish. I have heard that people of a certain age become impossible when they do not get what they want.

196. I want you to know that the only people I send birthday messages to are attractive, intelligent, and incredibly sexy people.

197. I was a bit ‘worried because I was not sure that your birthday gift was the right size. Instead, look how it enters and exits easily from the envelope.

198. If you’re going to celebrate your birthday doing unspeakable things that you may regret the next morning. Follow my advice: sleep until the afternoon.

199. It is natural to become more silent with age. It’s not easy to talk to keep your belly. Many greeting.

200. It was scattered the news that the permanent ice are melting … You have all the candles on your cake, right?

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