500 Happy Birthday Wishes, SMS, Quotes & Messages For Girlfriend From Boyfriend Collection

101. Let your life flow like the river, in the way not knowing the barriers. And let the head of all the three constellation begins with oneself: one constellation – love. Other-happiness, and the third – just kindness.

102. I wish you great happiness so that there is always spring, never to know the misfortune.

103. You’re happy today, you forget your troubles. Your birthday is what you do today.

104. May all your dreams be united with your hopes, wishes, prayers and happy birthday.

105. Happy Birthday my love. Hope all your ideals can be achieved and also our relationship can be more tain. I love u honey.

106. Stepping in the new age, is a dense to you, when a ritual is celebrated with a flame of candles. That tells about the happy birthday and the age of long life and happiness in your life.

107. May be the day when you were born was rainy but actually it was not the rain. It was the sky that was crying because he had lost his little angel.
108. Yesterday was a past day then I won’t remember it. Tomorrow is the future so I will think of success. If God wants I want to enjoy the next few years with you. With hope and prayer to you Happy Birthday. May God always take care of our friendship and love.

109. Increasing age, means that this life allowance is reduced. But that does not reduce the intimacy of this friendship. Even as time goes by, Our love feels more solid and fun. May God give you a long life full of benefits and kindness.
110. Happy Birthday my dear. Have a better and more hopeful day in the future. Even though there are few obstacles, suppose that is only a trial to strengthen your faith. Once again Happy Birthday. May all goodness be with you.

111. Happy birthday my love. Hopefully all your dreams can be achieved and also our relationship can be closer … I love U Honey.

112. Happy birthday love! Forgive your lover dear, just can only wish happy birthday through the words. But this message I wrote with all the sincere sense of my heart.

113. A variety of rainbow colors are so beautifully viewed for you who love me. Happy birthday dear.

114. I enjoy sadness and tears. Because with tears I can more see. And the sadness teach me the language of the heart to say I love you. Happy birthday to you.

115. In addition to remembering you, nothing else is more important for me. Second I just want to greet you with one prayer: May God always give the mercy in your heart.

116. Happy birthday my girlfriend. I feel so lucky to have true love in your arms. I feel very proud to call you as my girlfriend.

117. In every second will there be growth, in every hour there will be changes, every day there will be levels. In every week there will be renewal, every month there is a payday and every year my dear there is a birthday.

118. The first thing to come into my mind this morning is that you were being born today. I hope that I am the first to say it, because you’re very special to me.

119. Beautiful flowers bloom in the garden and birds fly in the air as if singing a beautiful melody along with you blowing candles on your birthday cake .

120. I just want you to know, I need you, love you. I can not go through my days without you. I will never forget your birthday, happy birthday Honey. Hopefully happiness and health always be with you.

121. I just want to be a person who can get in your past, believe in your future, and love you even when you grow old.

122. If I can put this heart in the piece of paper and ink, then I will do it. I’m not crazy, but it’s my way to reveal love. Happy birthday.

123. Allow me to make you feel special today, because you have made me feel special every day in this life.

124. When you blow the candle and instantly it’s lift will be off, but I hope the love we call is not like the candle. Happy B’day Honey.

125. No interesting gift I can give, except words that come out of this lip. Happy birthday my dear and grow into a good and happy figure.

126. Nothing special can I give it in this happy day, just a sincere speech and the prayer from the bottom of the heart. Happy birthday, hopefully you are given long life, health always, and always given the ease of everything and always delegated by God. May you always be given the happiness of the world and happiness of the afterlife.

127. Not everyone lucky enough to have someone special like you in his life. I’m one of the few lucky people. May the beauty and happiness will continue to surround you today and so on.

128. I’m like a child who plays on the edge of the beach and accidentally finds a beautiful coral. But you succeed in arranging the corals into a beautiful jewelry. If there is no support of your thinking, I’m nothing. Happy birthday.

129. Stepping with a new age, is a dense to you when a ritual is celebrated with a flame of candles. That tells about the happiness of a life as well as happiness in your life.

130. Today when you blow all the candles on your cake. Remember one candle well always keep burning no matter how much you blow. The candle of my love for you.

131. Your birthday passed and my bad memory made me delay congratulations as always. But that does not mean much, since I’ve been by your side at different times and we know we have each other despite the flaws, which strengthens our love.

132. Scientifically, a birthday is the very first day of another 365-day trip around the sun. So have a good trip and enjoy.

133. With a little delay I wish you a happy birthday. But know that in fact I have not forgotten, I just wanted to prolong a little more the party.

134. If today you expect a gift from me, know that I think for years. I will never be able to offer you more beautiful gift than the one you made me to love me. Continuing to be the one who is so perfect to me. I love you.

135. A party is like a flower, it will only lasts a few hours. But it leaves in the heart a memory that nothing can tarnish and stain. Everything you want for your party and much more I wish you on your special day. Happy Birthday.

136. My agenda tells me that we are celebrating today the birthday of someone irreplaceable. Since it was not mine, I immediately thought of you.

137. 30 years old it’s fun! 30 years is cool! 30 years is funny! 30 years is ideal! 30 years is stylish! Yeah it’s great to be 30 years old! Happy Birthday.

138. It’s good to know, that someone loves you a lot, that someone thinks of you, that someone needs you. But it’s even better to know that someone will not forget never your birthday.
139. I wish you all the emotion, the excitement, the special spirit and the smiles that one can feel and hope for on her birthday. Have a nice day!

140. On this particular day I wish you to accomplish your task perfectly. Blow 30 candles at once so that all your wishes come true! Happy Birthday.

141. The dawn has just created a kingdom where you are queen of the day. That is why today you deserve a royal treatment from everyone. I hope your topics will be up to par. Enjoy, it’s until midnight tonight … and happy birthday!

142. Happy Birthday ! Since I do not have much money to spend on your present this year, I thought this SMS would be the perfect gift. 50 Paisa in a text where you will find the most beautiful “happy birthday” and you can keep your life, I think I could not find better.

143. I know you only have 86400 seconds to make the most of your birthday. But let me steal 10 seconds of this precious day so you can read my message.

144. On the news today, they said that the candle factory had burned. All the employees stood around the factory and sang “Happy Birthday to you.”

145. I went to the museum this morning to see the valuable antiques. It was great! Moreover it reminded me that it is your birthday today.

146. Our world has very few intelligent, beautiful and good people. One of them sends you this SMS to wish you a happy birthday.

147. I just understand why the candle factory is out of stock and why the bakery had to order a giant cake pan. It’s your birthday today. So happy birthday, my darling.

148. Happy Birthday ! I hope your family is not too indebted to buy you your birthday candles otherwise I want to participate to pay a little. If you want to get the message from me.

149. You know that you are still in my heart but today even more than the other days. Happy Birthday. Tonight to celebrate together.

150. Today marks the birth of the most beautiful, the sweetest, the most smiling and the most endearing person I know. And yes it’s your birthday! Happy birthday! I love you.

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