500 Happy Birthday Wishes, SMS, Quotes & Messages For Girlfriend From Boyfriend Collection

451. I dreamed of a song that dawned my thoughts strong and soon I saw the desire to wish you the wishes of a Happy Birthday!

452. Congratulations a lot of health, peace and joys, flowery path full of lights is what you desire. Thank you very much to God for our meeting in life, because until then my soul had no par and I only came to live with joy and happiness after you came in my way.

453. My hopes were born the emotions became strong, my faith it became huge after we started dating. And this day on your birthday I want to wish you joy.

454. Congratulations and so doing will be wishing the same to me, because the happier you are, the happier I will be too. May our future be to share all the love, all the tenderness and all our will to live.

455. I want to see you always happy, very happy, to be intense and wonderful all the moments of your life. Because, thus our moments together will be like the song of my beautiful dream, alive and without end.

456. May we add to each verse of our song a new rhyme. Happy Birthday my love.

457. When we began to love, my feelings for you were so intense that my heart overflowed with the joy and excitement of being in love. I did not even think I could love you even more than before.

458. Through time we both changed and grew in many ways, each by itself and together. And our love changed and grew step by step with us. Even if, in a way, nothing has actually changed.

459. I look at you and feel like I’m falling in love again. Once again. Always and always. All over again. Happy birthday, with all my love.

460. Our courtship already has some time and it fulfills a year more today. We are being understood, because our approach was due to the strong attraction we feel to each other.

461. Your beauty, so natural, without retouching or artifice. Your radiant sympathy, have made me a captive of your love. For your part, I felt very firm in your attitude, to approach without prejudice and to demonstrate without frills.

462. Today we are lovers, more than that, we are in love. I see in you the wonderful person who reveals herself, with each passing day.

463. You are kind and affectionate, besides being beautiful and wise, you do everything to see me happy. I begin to realize that we were made for each other, everything is pink on our way. I love you.

464. I dream of living long at your side. I want to be just a contented person, well with life, and enjoy this love. One day, I believe by the will of God, hit us in full. Congratulations to us.

465. My flower today I do not want to miss the opportunity to be close to you when erasing the candles. You are completing another year of life and so with all my heart I want through this message to wish you a most happy very Happy Birthday!

466. May your new journey be illuminated with much peace to reach all your dreams and discover new horizons over the years. We are adding our experiences and becoming more and more certain that a more solid and mature relationship is present among us.

467. I wish you all the happiness in the world, you are a fantastic human being, woman of my life and owner of my heart. I love you so much!

468. I still bear in mind the day I first saw you. I remember how my heart started to beat stronger and out of rhythm. I remember the first time I smelled you, and I felt a despair because I knew I could never live without you.

469. The best memories of my life are related to you. And on this wonderful day, I want to celebrate our courtship, and all the good that you do in my life.

470. Every day I love you more and more, with a love that grows and never wears. Thank you so much for everything, my dear!

471. I admire you woman, nothing surpasses you or replaces because the blood that flows from your body, is the true appeal of love.

472. I admire you woman, in all your perfect anatomy with only the light of day, always imitated, never equaled. I admire you, woman, even if it is for your vanity to me no matter your age, as long as you know how to captivate me.

473. I admire you woman, who even in her simplicity shows all her femininity, and gives us the pleasure of conquest. I admire you, woman, because of the love of the true consecrated goddess that has been taken from us by God our Father, our Creator.

474. I admire you woman, and because I am a man I covet you, if it were not so, it would be a failure, in the face of what nature has given us.

475. I admire you, woman, and for that I will continue to admire you. Even if at the end of my days I end up mourning, for not having had your love. Happy Birthday my love.

476. My dear, I want to celebrate at your side this divine date of your birthday. I want to travel in a world of dreams and fantasies.

477. You surround my heart and are present in all the events of my days. You are sure to live in a new world with new horizons.

478. May God bless you on this special day and may you, my love, continue with that bright and loving look always in search of new conquests. I thank our Master for your existence in my life.

479. My love. We did not meet by chance, we did not know each other and we started dating without knowing why. I remember that day and the first moments we exchanged looks and words. I tell you that I am very happy to have met you and to be together for another birthday on this journey of time and love.

480. In this message I will say that I have been much happier since the day I met you. The first look, the first breath of love and the first kiss. It was all that made us realize the miracle of our love.

481. I am especially happy to be able to count on your love, although sad with the distance that separates us this day. What joy this story gives me. We are in love and, God willing, we will always be like that, lovers happy and satisfied with each other’s affection.

482. I feel that my love will endure even when old age comes, even in another dimension we will always be good companions, always in love.

483. We are lovers insatiable and kind, enamored to eternity. I am sure that the gods will always be protecting our happiness, with the care that our love deserves.

484. I come through this message to express all the happiness I’m feeling in celebrating your birthday. Much happiness, peace, security and full satisfaction have accompanied us since our paths crossed, you came into my life in a special way.

485. Your love came in my life like the sun, arriving every morning shining, beautifying and bringing above all the hope of a better life.

486. I want the Lord to enlighten us and give us the blessing of remaining together and especially united and happy. Thank you for always being happy and smiling, for giving me affection, for being kind and for giving me so many joys.

487. The Lord has given us a love that will make us smile forever and ever. You are a star that has come to light my world.

488. Since I have known the value of loving and being loved, my days are as tranquil as if I were living a beautiful dream. But it is not a dream, it is a wonderful reality that I wish to last forever. I want to always be in your story and make you very happy.

489. Love on your birthday I want to renew with you my vows of love, affection and respect that I have for you.

490. I want to thank you for the great person you are, for the girlfriend that gives me peace, joy and much love. So that you continue to be better and healthier to live each day of your life with much enthusiasm and optimism.

491. I love you and I want the best for you today and always. I have prepared for you the best of all days and I want to be with you soon to celebrate together this special date.

492. I want you to know that I want to see you happily at my side, in our courtship that every day is flooded with hope, affection and lots of love.

493. I wish you all good, beautiful and true be assured of my affection, my feeling and the happiness that I feel in celebrating with you your birthday.

494. The happiness of a special day like this can be felt by your being in general and that their joys may be constant and countless.

495. I thought I knew all about love, that I had lived through every possible and imaginary situation involving this mysterious feeling. However, you, your presence and the coexistence at your side taught me that I know nothing about the true meaning of the verb to love.

496. The physical touch, the touch of the skin, the caress are less than the true love can do for who we really love. I’m discovering new ways to love.

497. The lack you make is like part of me was not here. It’s as if I’m incomplete, lacking in myself. But I quite understand that this is missing you.

498. It is impossible to give you a material gift. There is nothing in this world capable of expressing the supreme happiness of having your love in my life every day.

499. Once again I want to tell you that my life is yours, and with every breath I promise that I will love you. A special kiss from your beloved!

500. My love in this moment when we celebrate the day of your birth feel a loving embrace and a passionate kiss. You colored my life completely. Happy Birthday my love!

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