500 Happy Birthday Wishes, SMS, Quotes & Messages For Girlfriend From Boyfriend Collection

Happy Birthday messages for girlfriend from boyfriend in English language:- Birthday is a very important occasion especially if the birthday is of your girlfriend. You cannot forget to wish her for her birthday accompanied by short sweet loving messages. The birthday message should be such that it transfer your true feelings and love to your girlfriend. To help you, here are some sweet romantic loving messages that you can use to wish your girlfriend a very happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Wishes, SMS, Quotes & Messages For Girlfriend From Boyfriend Collection

1. Happy birthday, my sweetheart. There is something to strive for – Be faithful be your dream. And it will come true. You are a wonderful person. Be happy! Stay forever Strong and fair.

2. Today is an Angel’s Day. Today is the most beautiful day. Congratulations dear on your birthday. Let the luck follow you like a shadow, Let life give you only inspiration. I wish you strong health from the heart. May your dreams come true. Let the fate give you full of luck.

3. Happy Birthday to the most light and kind person in the world. I wish you success, luck and love. May your beauty and brain will inspire you to great achievements. May you be showered with eternal youth. Let your life be filled with bright events and let you be surrounded by the decent and soulful people.

4. I wish you to achieve everything you dream. You are very wise, bold, kind and cheerful and I’m proud that I am familiar with you. Let you have enough energy to implement all your plans. Be happy!

5. Happy birthday to a real woman I know. I want to wish you good health, great happiness, dizzying success. May your life always be filled with positive and happy, bright events. Stay the same confident, assertive and self-sufficient and a woman of word and deed.

6. Dear, dear! I wish you to remember this day forever, as the most joyful and sincere. Let these memories warm you as the hands of a beloved woman, give hope as beloved children, protect in difficult times like caring parents. Be happy not only today, but all the days of your life.
7. Happy Birthday, my sweet. My gift from God! My soul! Thank you for having me as you have. I want to wish you a strong health, great happiness. Let every day of your life be bright, full of positive impressions. Let the fate presents only pleasant surprises. I kiss and love.

8. Dear girlfriend, I congratulate you on your happy birthday. For me you will always be the baby I’ve dreamed of a long time. I’ll always love you and will always be around. Well, I’ll wish you strong health and great happiness. Always stay as the same smiling and cheerful girl. Let the fate never give you a reason for sadness. And let your mood always be so wonderful, as today.

9. Happy birthday! You have a wonderful life, a great look and iron health. How could a banal gift compete with all this?

10. The pleasure of living is made of small and great things … as you can wish happy birthday to a special person like you. Many birthday greetings.

11. Greetings, even though another year has passed and an extra rug on your face has appeared. You always stay the same, perhaps a little more decrepit, but always with the same soul. Happy birthday.

12. Do not worry, Old age is like a second childhood, without hair and without teeth. So many birthday greeting.

13. There is a really intelligent, rich and famous person born in one day as today. Pity that you are not. You are … Maybe next year I will be more lucky. Good birthday.

14. Have fun for your birthday because you will never be, so young. But be careful because you’ve never been so aged. Happy birthday.

15. Greetings and you remember that time is just a convention invented by men to make women be angry.

16. I wanted to send you something beautiful, fun, nice and very special for your birthday. But I could not get in the parcel. Many birthday greetings.

17. I wanted to send you something special for your birthday, but I had a problem. How can I wrap a hug and a big kiss? Happy birthday.

18. Happy birthday to a very bright, extraordinarily refined person, very attractive and especially incredibly naive to believe all these lies.

19. Congratulations for your birthday. Remember, today no efforts. Why you will need all your energy to turn off candles. Happy birthday.

20. Am I the first person to wish you happy birthday today? No? The second? No, no matter, because I was the first to think of midnight. Many happy birthday greetings.

21. At your age it is too wise and ripe to give importance to material things like gifts. So I give you a greeting card: Happy birthday!

22. The years pass, but you still have that light in the eyes sinned by only the sun that strikes your bifocal lenses. Happy birthday!

23. To celebrate your birthday I would have thought of a beautiful cruise. Would you mind watering the plants during my absence? Happy birthday!

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24. I would like these words to animate, slowly up to your pillow to caress you and with a kiss you will swell gently to start this fantastic day. In which you feel special, but you do not know that you are still more. Happy birthday my sweetheart.

25. With the wish that the turnover of time can always carry health and well-being to you and all those who want you well. Good birthday!

26. Greetings for every smile that will be good, for every dream that you want to realize, for every hope that will warm your heart. Happy birthday!

27. The years passing are like the piggy coins. They only serve to make you more precious. Good birthday!

28. Wishes to the time passing only does not only put the melody of past memories, but sings the cheerful rhythm of an intense life of emotions. Always ready to share from zero to the discovery of the world and its wonders.

29. The years passing are like bricks that serve to build the wisdom and peace of the Spirit. Many birthday greetings.

30. I took happiness, I wrapped it in sowing soul and dream flakes. I put it on the wings of thought because it flies to wherever you are. Happy birthday!

31. I would have wanted to give you an island of joy in a sea of happiness. But for now I can only give you my happy birthday wish full of well beings for you.

32. The birthdays are special days. We close a chapter of our lives and open another. It does not count “how many” do you do, but “how” we do it. Greetings sincere.

33. The two most important days in your life are the day you are on and the day to find out why you were born.

34. I know you do not like to receive greeting cards for your birthday, I know you pretend it’s a day whatever. For me no. From awakening I think and my heart celebrates for you.

35. It’s been another year and it’s new birthday. I wish you to live it in the best way because you deserve it.

36. A unique and special wish for your birthday. For this so good day I send you a world of kisses and so many but so much hugs. I love you.

37. Happy birthday sweet. Many greeting to your party from the person who loves you to the madness. I send you a big kiss and I’m strongly string between my arms.

38. Hi darling, I wish you so much love and happiness as your heart wants. Happy birthday!

39. My love since you came into my life everything has changed for good. Today is the most beautiful day of your life when you were born. Thanks to you I discovered new emotions. Thank you my sweet love, now enjoy this wonderful day I hope it will be great.

40. My princess, the years increase, but never grows old your beauty, you are always beautiful and shining. So many happy birthday greetings sweet pea. I love you and will forever be.

41. Happy birthday my love, today you become older. I’m not good with words but I mean I love you till my death. Thank you for existing!

42. Today is the birthday of the person I keep in the world. I love you more than my own life. Greetings honey!

43. You delicate love like a rose, beautiful as the sea. You made me fall in love as the sun warms my heart, so many wishes.

44. Greetings is a simple word but it means many things. A new birthday is going to pass, and if you count all waves in the sea you know how much I love you.

45. I wish you a thousand of colors for you. You are my biggest love, wish you a beautiful day as your eyes that made me fall in love.

46. I wish you your dreams realize, but your life is even more beautiful than dream. Thank you for the beautiful moments past together, memories, special emotions.

47. You are the star that lights me in the darkest nights. You’re the sun that also heat me on the coldest days. You are the person who made me lose my head and that makes me beat the heart every time we are together. You are my life treasure. I hope to spend together with you more than 2500 days so many greetings my soul.

48. Hi Treasure, today there is an extra rug on your face, an extra scratch on your heart and a more love in your life. The first two you can try to delete them, but not my love for you.

49. Happy birthday my sweetheart it’s past another year but you are always the same because you are unique. And even the time you pass ever can change you.

50. Your years as the beauty of a flower, fragile but invaluable, a beautiful person like you, deserves a fairy tale. Greetings!

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