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You’re a source of strength and inspiration for anyone lucky enough to know you.  The love and care you give make such a difference in so many lives. That’s why it’s nice to have  a day like this one to thank you and celebrate you for being the amazing guy  and incredible brother you are. Happy Birthday.

Well, Brother, you didn’t become a superhero, but at least you stopped running around in your underwear and a towel cape. You have stopped that, haven’t you? Happy Birthday.

I’m so thankful to have you for a brother. It seems every birthday gets a little more meaningful, a little more special in the heart. Maybe it’s because each year, as we grow older, family ties become more and more important… So on your special day, it seems especially important that you know exactly how thankful I am to have you for my brother. Happy Birthday.

There’s only one thing better than having a brother and that’s finding a friend who’s like a brother. We may not be related, but you’ll always be family to me. Happy Birthday, brother.

Birthday Status For Elder Brother

A brother fills the heart with happy thoughts and lifelong love. Sending you the warmest of wishes for the happiest of birthdays.

Brother, hope the best part of your birthday is knowing how much you’re loved, valued, and enjoyed just because you’re one and only you! God did some amazing work and the world is blessed to have you in it. Enjoy the Year to Come!

You’re such an important part of our family. So thankful for you and so happy to celebrate you, Brother.

A brother is a friend you never outgrow. All the laughter, the memories, the quiet understanding between us. There’s so much to appreciate about you. I’m so glad to have a brother and friend like you. Happy Birthday, bro.

A  brother stands up for you, always tells you the honest truth, and makes a difference in your life. Well, not just any brother. A great one like mine. Happy Birthday, my sweet brother.

Birthday Status For Elder Brother

Mile after mile, you’ve been brother and friend. Year after year, I’ve been grateful. Happy Birthday, my dear brother.

On your birthday, let everyone celebrate the great person that you are, and I’ll go on celebrating you for what you’ve always been to me–one great brother. Happy Birthday

Times change and years pass by, but a brother only grows more special.  It’s important to me that you know how much I love you and how lucky I feel to have you for my brother. Happy Birthday.

Brother, Love that we’re family. You remind me who I am and where I came from. And I’m really thankful for that for you. Happy Birthday, my bro.

Birthday Status For Elder Brother

I’m thinking of you today because it’s your birthday, and I’m hoping it will be an especially happy time. I think about you on lots of other days, too because you’re my brother, and I always wish good things for you.

You’re the kind of brother that anyone would be lucky to have. Today I’m celebrating you and wishing you all the happiness you deserve. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday, Brother From Your Sister. I hope this year brings you not only the big and little things you’ve dreamt of for a long time, but also the new dreams that are finding their way into your heart.

Happy birthday, sweetheart. I hope you have countless happy moments and the feeling of accomplishment in all that you do. You deserve everything you wish for and I hope this is the year you get just that.

Cute Birthday Messages For Brother

There’s a place in the heart unlike any other a warm corner lit by the smile of a brother. In the midst of your busy life, if your birthday gives you a moment to reflect on what you mean to those you love. May you feel happy knowing that you’re thought of warmly, cared about deeply, and loved in return like no one else in the world. Happy Birthday.

Having a brother means that when you need a friend, you never have to look further than your own family. When there’s someone in your life who’s made a difference, whose loyalty and friendship have been yours as long as you can remember,  who’s shared good times and trying times and memories by the heartfelt with you, it’s a gift you really cherish. It’s the kind of gift that makes you smile and feel so lucky to have such a great brother, such a wonderful friend. Happy Birthday, bro.

Brother, you’re a good man who keeps getting better. From the way you can put others at ease when it’s time to relax to the way you pitch in when somebody needs help you’re the kind of man we’re always glad to have around. Happy Birthday.

Cute Birthday Messages For Brother

You’re an upbeat brother in a downbeat world. You never give up, never give in, always give back, and never forget where you came from. Love that about you. Happy Birthday, bro.

Happy Birthday, dear. I hope the world treats you well  with kindness and appreciation for all the things that make you such a great person. You deserve everything that you dreamed for and I hope may this year be full of happiness.

You make every good thing an even better thing. Like our lives, for example. Hope your birthday is the best thing ever.

Cute Birthday Messages For Brother

Brother, wherever the next year takes you, enjoy the journey. Today is going to be so Awesome because it’s your day, and you’re too great a brother not to celebrate. Happy Birthday.

You’re someone I’d admire even if we weren’t related. But I’m really glad and grateful that we are. Happy Birthday.

We might not go all the way back to birth, but I’ll tell you this. I’ve known you long enough to know that I respect you and I’m thankful to have you in my life. I don’t care what the family tree says, a brother’s what you are to me. Happy Birthday, my brother.

Birthday Status For Brother on Facebook

You’ve been like a brother to me in so many ways that I’ve come to see you as one. So on your birthday, I just want to tell you that I love you like family and I wish you the best year yet. Happy Birthday.

I’m not saying you’re old, but the Fire Department called and asked if they could use your birthday cake for their training exercise! Have a good one!

Today is your day to stand out in the crowd. Let’s celebrate the day YOU were born! You shine the brightest in the galaxy of stars. I hope you have a stellar birthday.

Birthday Status For Brother on Facebook

As the sun rises on your birthday, i will think of you and be terminated of how grateful i am to have you in my life and to have been blessed. You are my friend, my mentor and my brother … Every time the sun rises and sets, I am thankful for the day you were born. Happy Birthday Brother!

Birthday cake is good for your health! It’s true. It is told that the longer you’ve lived, the more birthday cakes you have gotten! Happy birthday, bro. On your birthday, eat more and more cake.

Today is your special day! Be sure to celebrate in a big way. Sending much love to you on your birthday and always. You are my best friend, my inspirer, my protector and i love you so much. Happy Birthday!

Birthday Status For Brother on Facebook

Sending you my warm wishes, Happy Birthday! Wishing you a quiet place, a day to relax, time with family and friends, and a wonderful year ahead.

A birthday is a voyage on the sea that we call life. As the years pass we learn it is not the ship we sail, but rather our skillful sailing that prepare us for another voyage … May your birthday be filled with clear skies and light winds! Happy Birthday!

Though we may be miles apart even though there may be miles between us on your Birthday, may the warm fond memories we share still warm the heart. Love you so much.

Birthday Messages For Big Brother

You’re not getting older … Like all antiques, you become more valued and appreciated with time! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wishing you a fabulous day full of peace and joy.

Happy 25th birthday, brother. May your birthday be showered with joy, surprises, delightful times and anything else you can squeeze in.  I wished you all the things that you really deserve.

Hope your birthday brings all the moments which will be always treasured in our heart! Happy Birthday, my brother.

Birthday Messages For Big Brother

May this be a great year for you A time when all the things that really matter to you are yours.  You’ve always been there, a protector and supporter, a friend and a helper. May this birthday bring you many joys throughout the year. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Dear brother, I wish you a happy birthday. I hope your life is filled with happiness whenever you have encouraged many lives.

Dear brother, I wish you a fabulous birthday celebration. For the sweet boy who has always spread love, I want him life to be always full of love. As in the way you have illuminated many hearts with love, I ask the Lord to give you the best blessings of happiness for you.

Birthday Messages For Big Brother

Sweet brother, I wish you a happy birthday celebration full of love. I hope you are celebrating your birthday with the orphanage by spreading love as you always do. I hope you are always the perfect example of a loving person and I wish you a happy birthday.

Dear brother, I wish you a happy birthday with grand celebration. I hope that god will fill you with the best blessings of happiness always. let god fill you with love and happiness on your birthday and always. I wish you a happy birthday.

Lovely brother, may god grant all your wishes and may your dreams come true forever. Have a happy birthday celebration. On your birthday, I ask god to fill your life with happiness. I wish you have a beautiful birthday celebration with good times.

Birthday Wishes For Younger Brother

Dear brother, I wish you a happy birthday celebration full of love. I wish to god that may he give you the best blessings of joy. I hope you celebrate your birthday well with your loved ones.

Dear brother, I wish you much love and a happy birthday celebration. I also send you a beautiful photo that I have drawn for you especially for your birthday. I also send you a lovely gift so that your birthday will appreciate forever.

You have become such a wonderful young man, I am so happy to have been with you every step of the way. Happy birthday to a great brother!

Birthday Wishes For Younger Brother

“Happy birthday to my younger brother! You are becoming such a young man and I am very happy for you. I hope may you get all the things that you desire.

“Happy birthday to the eldest younger brother. You make me feel very proud every day of the year, but I especially love your birthdays to celebrate that you are in my life! ” I hope you have a special time on this day to celebrate that you come to the world. Happy Birthday!”

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